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Considering a Horse Barn?

12 Questions to Ask Before You Buy

1. What’s the very first thing I need to do? What about site preparation?

Horizon Structures offers free consultation on the physical site preparation. Placement of your new barn is crucial. You need to consider existing power source, distance for your main barn, prevailing wind direction, air flow and exposure. How often will you be working in this barn?  It’s wise to consider how many steps it takes to get to your new barn before you take delivery – especially if you be going back and forth throughout the day.

2. What materials are used inside? What type of wood?

Make sure your barn has an oak frame. Oak frames are preferred as they are the most durable wood for long-lasting structures. Oak is the best investment if you are located in the Mid Atlantic or New England states.

3. What type of wood is used on the outside?

All the horse barns and run-ins are made from Premium Pine. Although cheaper woods are available, these inferior woods are just not meant for long, outdoor life. Metal sheds are less popular as they can ruin the landscape of the farm and give it a “factory” look.

4. What about hardware? What are my options?

Any hardware should be powder coated not just painted, for a maintenance-free finish. This way, it won’t rust. We recommend hinged doors – hung correctly, they are practically maintenance free and simple to use. We also avoid sliding doors as they require constant adjustment and often end up dragging on the ground or not closing properly.

5. What if I buy more land or change the layout of my estate? Can I move my barn?

All Horizon Structures’ horse barns are built with tow hooks which makes moving your barn easy! Horizon Structures will even come back and move the barn for you.

6. If I sell my property and move, can I take my horse barn with me? What if I no longer keep horses?

The real advantage here is that you CAN take your structure with you when you move. Horizon barns are designed so that you can easily use the space for other storage needs: lawn care, gardening equipment, small tractors, snow mobiles, etc.

7. What if I’m not satisfied? Do you have a written warranty?

Before buying a horse barn, make sure you know what, if any, recourse you have if your barn arrives and it is nothing like what you expected. Only buy from a reputable business that will be there for you after the sale. Horizon Structures offers the best guarantee in the business. It’s simple – If you are not satisfied, we will make it right or refund your money.

8. What about service? Tell me about your service crew? If a tree falls on my barn, will they be able to offer assistance?

It’s no real secret that Horizon Structures has built its business on repeat customers. Our customers keep coming back to us – AND sending their friends – because they have been more than satisfied, even after the sale. Extreme situations – fire, sick horse, storm damage, etc. Horizon has in-stock buildings ready to go most of the time.

9. Can you help with zoning ordinances? What about the permit process?

Horizon Structures employs an architect to help our clients with the zoning and permit process. We can even provide you with a sketch for your local municipality. Horizon will actually provide you with a step-by-step guide of what you need to do to get the appropriate approval. CLICK HERE for more details.

10. What about the long term? After the sale?

We can help lay out your property and plan your estate for the next 20 years!

11. Do you care about my horses?
We want your horse barn to be a reflection of your passion for your horses and the pride you take in providing them the best care possible. Through our quality, value and personalized service, we will show you the way to a comfortable, sturdy and safe barn for your horse to call home.

12. Why should I buy from you?

We care about you, our customer, and will be there when you need us. Remember, your purchase of a Horizon Structure will only be the start of our relationship!

If you would like to see one of our Horizon Structures Horse Barns or Run-in Sheds, but are unable to visit us in Lancaster County, PA, call us today – We might be able to recommend a delighted Horizon Structures owner who will be happy to show you their barn.  Or check out our Barn Finder page to see barns in your neighborhood!

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you! Owner/President – Dave Zook.

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