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Hurricane Sandy Horizon Barns Can Take It.

For this Post we are again lucky to have one of our customers, Shelly Rose who owns a shed row barn with an overhang from Horizon Structures send us her story about their experience during hurricane Sandy. We are very happy that everything is safe and secure on Shelly’s farm. As Superstorm Sandy was fast approaching and the whole east coast was bracing for the impact, I stood in our backyard looking at our brand new Horizon Structures shed row barn. Not only was I thankful for a safe place for our horses, but our compact little setup was solidly built and secure enough for our two Geldings to ride out the storm. Bailey and Superman had a strong roof over their heads and a dry place to hide while the wind howled outside. The overhang provided perfect protection from the rain and the boys were happy to be able to stick their heads out and not get drenched. Investing in this shed row has been the best thing I could have done for my two geldings. They have a cozy place to hide from the elements and more than enough room to be comfortable when they have to be cooped up for a storm like Sandy. The compact and strong construction of their little home made me confident that they would be kept safe. There’s a place for everything in our little barn and in fact our storm prep was minimal since everything already had its own spot in the tack room between the two stalls. When morning came after the storm their two little heads were poking out of their stalls and they were nickering as usual for breakfast. Their home had made them so cozy through the whole ordeal I doubt they even cared about the howling wind outside. Thank you Horizon for helping me keep them safe and sheltered.


Shelly Rose Photo

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