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It’s The Perfect Way To Purchase The Perfect Summer Camp

If you’ve ever dreamed of cashing in on the summer camp business and want to put together the perfect experience for campers and counselors alike and offer a program and property that will impress even the most discerning parents, then the world of modular construction offers a quick and efficient solution that can meet your operational timeline.

If you already run a summer camp, smartening up your existing property or adding new activities can also help you stay ahead of the competition when it comes to capturing lucrative campers’ dollars.

There are many choices out there for parents when it comes to selecting a summer camp for their children, and a website that showcases a property full of smart looking, well-built structures that offer modern day safety and aesthetic appeal can go a long way to building trust in your business.

The bevy of beautiful barns for equine programs, the myriad of varietal structures that you can source all in one place such as outdoor living structures, playsets, chicken coops and buildings for other storage needs can all add fabulous experiences for the campers and build your bottom line. When you purchase everything all in one place, you can also enjoy significant discounts.

Time wasted does cost money. Whether you subject your building plans to weather delays and budget overruns by building onsite, purchase structures that require constant maintenance due to use of the wrong materials or poor construction and thus involve additional labor every Spring, selecting the right structure that is properly crafted and well designed to fit form and function matters. There is plenty to do when it comes to opening up the camp at the start of the season without needing to grab paintbrushes, fix unhinged doors or fittings or scale ladders to fix roofs.

Large prefab and modular horse barn companies can provide complementary colored and designed buildings that can enhance the visual appeal of your property while providing perfect functionality. Make sure you don’t forget to leverage those discounts that are available when you make multiple purchases at the same vendor for more cost savings.

You can implement whatever individual design choices you can imagine as the manufacturer already has on hand a myriad of materials from which you can choose.  Ideas include utilizing different colored structures for different purposes to highlight their activity: yellow sided chicken coops; white and blue cabanas and pavilions by the pool; red barns for the horses. Kids love bright colors, and from swing sets to shady pavilions you have the chance to engage their minds with savvy designs and smart setup.

If you prefer a more traditional rustic look to your summer camp then traditional options such as board and batten siding are available too. With the recent introduction of longer lasting stains and paints, the factory applied protection provided in a temperature controlled environment can add years to the longevity of the building and require less maintenance over its lifespan.

Buildings can be multi-functional and evoke a homestead feel, with barns to house all creatures great and small under one big roof. The options truly are endless.

Naturally summer camp set up costs do require a considerable capital expense so search for a company that will provide financing and can also guarantee a final price so you can stay on budget. When you collaborate with a company that is staffed by folks that have specialty knowledge across the animal kingdom and can also provide practical solutions for the multiple gathering and living areas within your summer camp compound, then you take advantage of their wealth of experience that further saves you money, as it will help you avoid poor decision-making.

Summer camps are big business and financial rewards can be significant. Careful planning is essential for success. If you buy the buildings from multiple sources you will be spending a lot of time shopping around. If you have one building company bid the entire project on site, their crew size may be limited which means they will have to work around the property, one building at a time. Material ordering and supply/delivery will be hectic and hard to oversee and construction is notoriously noisy and leaves a mess and the construction team may not have the experience in all aspects or types of buildings.

How much quicker, easier and efficient would it be to have an ‘instant’ horse summer camp setup and ready to go with buildings delivered over the road, placed and set up in days versus months? It’s not too late to develop your plans for the forthcoming season. Do your homework and ensure the company you choose offers a transparent purchase process you can trust, with testimonials, defined warranties and workable contracts with clear, concise language you can understand. Look at both quality and price and be certain to compare ‘apples to apples.’

In business, your success often depends on the construction companies’ proven success. Choose wisely!

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