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Mini Barns – Downsized With Big Features

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Horizon Structures is proud to announce that we have a new product available!

We’re well aware that increasing numbers of people are enjoying miniature horses and that owning a VSE (Very Small Equine) is getting to be more and more popular.  Look no further for the perfect mini horse barn for your little friend.

Horizon Structures now offers our shed row barns in a downsized version to accommodate minis.  We have taken our very popular shed row horse barn and scaled everything down to a small equine’s proportions.  Now, your miniature horses and donkeys can have a barn that’s made just for them with all the same features and specifications as a standard size barn.

Our barns let your little guy or gal have a look outside and enjoy the fresh air.

The kickboard is lowered from 4′ to 3′ which means the grill partition between the mini horse stall is lower as well.  In addition we have also lowered the sliding window in the back of the stall and decreased the height of the Dutch Door in the front so your little companion gets all the ventilation and air circulation he needs – as well as a view of the activity going on around him AND the ability to socialize with his stall mates!

Look to Horizon Structures and we’ll be happy to work with you to create a barn for your miniature equines that is safe, comfortable and just right for their needs.  Because as much these little guys like to be outside enjoying pasture life, there are often many instances when you need to keep your mini horses in the barn. Check our mini barn page for more details on our down-sized horse barns and our new multi-purpose miniature barn.

Have a great spring and we look forward to hearing from you

About Horizon Structures

Horizon Structures is now the industry’s leader in quality built horse barns, horse stables and run-in sheds. The high level of craftsmanship in our Amish built barns, horse stables, storage buildings, sheds and garages provide for a long lasting structure that comes with our Written Guarantee.

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