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A Ride With Our Drivers

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Ride With Our Drivers / Quality from Beginning to End

As the new guy here on the team at Horizon Structures part of my training involved the privilege of riding along with EJ, one of our expert drivers, for a day.  “The Boss” thought it best for me to see first-hand how we get our sheds, barns, and coops to you the customer.
Our first job of the day was delivering a small shed to a mobile home park for a gentleman to store his motorcycle in.  As we pulled up to the customer’s lot, all I could think was how little room there was.  I was surprised to discover that our trailer has remote controlled, drop-down wheels that enable our driver to maneuver it sideways – without moving the truck.  With the push of a few buttons and very little effort the shed was perfectly aligned within 14” of the mobile home.  The customer was highly impressed with both the competence and speed of his shed delivery and installation.  And so was I!
Our second shed delivery and installation stop on this day was in the Lehigh Mountains.  A previous customer needed his shed moved to another location on his lot.  Again I was impressed with EJ’s skills.  The road to this location was very steep and narrow and our trailer was loaded with a 12’ wide garage for our next stop.  I was pretty sure there was no way to get our truck back to where the building was.  This meant it was time for the MULE.  If you want to know what a MULE is, other than the animal, check out our website and watch the video.
I will tell you it is about the most impressive thing you will ever see to watch someone move something you thought was not possible to move. The customer’s shed was 14’ x 24 – 26’.  EJ used the MULE to simply pick up one end of the building – kind of like a mini fork-lift.  He then hopped off and slid the dolly wheels underneath.  Then, he hopped back on the MULE and drove to the other end of the building to pick it up.  At this point he can drive that building just about anywhere he wants it.  The customer, who was happy with his initial purchase, was now overwhelmed with the move and the MULE.
The next Amish shed delivery was in Rome, PA.  Our task:  to place a garage unit at the top of a very steep driveway.  The driver EJ was able to – single-handedly – set up this garage in less than 15 minutes!  He accomplished it with a mixture of driving expertise and the ability to move the trailer sideways – left and right.  The end result:  perfect and precise placement.  I helped out by installing the gutters, downspouts and a cupola which added a mere 20 minutes to our delivery.  Customer:  delighted.
Our final shed delivery and installation of the day was small but no less important.  A chicken coop.  Destination:  Mountaintop, PA.  It was getting late but the family welcomed the delivery. Again, without incident.
When our day was done and my heart slowed down from the harrowing moves EJ was able to pull off we had covered 460 miles.  I’d never seen anything like it and can now say from experience that I don’t know of another company that does it’s job better from beginning to end.

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