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Building A Chicken Coop

Looking to build a chicken coop? After doing all of the research and factoring in the cost of materials AND labor, is it really worth it? Do you truly save money with your own chicken coop construction? What about quality? Building a chicken coop takes a lot of planning and if you use substandard materials, you are inviting problems and a short term solution. Horizon Structures can save you time and money, allowing you to profit for years to come!

Building A Chicken Coop There is no need to learn how to build a chicken coop, leave that to us! Our coops are handmade by the Amish in the rolling hills of the Pennsylvania Dutch country. Known as "the plain people", the Amish culture has long stressed simplicity and organized living. Years before storage structures were popular with mainstream America; the Amish would construct small, simple structures (out-buildings) to store farm supplies, tools and other equipment that didn't belong in the house or barn. They also modified these buildings for chickens and, often times, other types of livestock.

When the Amish discovered their quality craftsmanship, resourcefulness and ingenuity was highly sought after by the general public, they began marketing their products to consumers outside the Amish community. Providing "pre-fabricated" or fully-constructed buildings that could be shipped from their workshops directly to the customers' homes has been very well received. Using this approach, all Americans benefit from the attention to detail and handcrafted workmanship the Amish give to their chicken coop construction. These Amish chicken coop plans also incorporate the chicken coop upgrades and innovations that years of experience have proven make sense and provide benefits and value.

"I recently purchased a Quaker chicken coop and ordered it off the phone. The person that I spoke with several times was very polite and made great suggestions. I was skeptical because my wife and I have not had good luck ordering things off the phone or Internet. The chicken coop came on the day that it was promised and the driver actually called my cell to let me know that he had made delivery. Once again a surprise that was a good surprise. When I arrived from out of town I found that the chicken coop was sitting there waiting for me to deliver the new occupants. As I look over the construction of the coop, I was amazed at what I had found. It was Great! I would like to thank all the employee's and hope that your company can keep up this great type of performance. It's this kind of dedication that is going to return American employees and companies to the top. Thank you for your service and product! -Sincerely, Scott and Lorie H, Mechanicsville, VA

Don't waste time figuring out how to build a chicken coop, browse our site today to find out just how easy and cost effective purchasing a ready-made chicken coop can be!

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