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Amish-Made Means Superior Quality and Good Value

There are a million other places on the Internet to get information about chicken coops. Because you’re reading this, our guess is that the word “Amish” - associated with chicken coops - was the trigger that caused you to click here rather than somewhere else.

Our goal, then, is to satisfy the impulse behind the click that brought you here and explain how “Amish” and prefab chicken coops come together to provide The Best housing for your backyard flock. 

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Horizon Structures has Amish-made chicken coops for sale.

Horizon Structures chicken coops are Amish-madeThe Amish are a group that almost everyone knows something about. Are you getting a quick mental image of a horse-drawn buggy or plainly-dressed people with beards and bonnets? Perhaps you’re thinking about the on-air antics of a cast of questionable and quirky characters from several recent reality TV shows. Whatever your perception, we all “know” a little something about the Amish and are undeniably curious and compelled to learn more.

For most people, anything associated with the Amish is immediately identified with strict religious beliefs, “old fashioned” habits and a simple rural lifestyle. Similarly, many people automatically equate products described as “Amish-made” as being of high quality and a good value for the money.

Every Horizon chicken coop for sale starts right here…

But, you ask, Amish are farmers, right? Why are they building prefabricated chicken coops? Growing Amish communities, limited land resources and escalating real estate prices mean that many Amish folks are going “off the farm” to make a living. Their traditional skills and trades – in this case, carpentry – are put to good use in our owner-operated workshop. And you, the consumer, benefit from the result!

Don’t assume the Amish reputation of shunning technology and “modern society” equals “backward” ways and antiquated skills. Horizon Structures Amish-made high-quality chicken coop are not built with hand saws and wooden pegs... Our Amish workers are skilled and experienced carpenters incorporating decades of rural life experience, expert craftsmanship and an outstanding work ethic into every single Horizon Structures chicken coop they build.

Our Amish “coop crew” varies from 6 to 8 men.

Dan Crew Foreman in Chicken CoopTwo of these carpenters can easily build our popular Quaker board and batten coop in about 2-3 hours which works out to about 5 coops per day. During our busy season, we can easily pull in extra help from our shop to increase production as needed.

Our crew foreman, Dan, is blessed with creative ingenuity and an innate knack for on-the-spot engineering. If we need a new coop design or a customer requests a special feature or modification, Dan welcomes the opportunity and never fails to rise to the challenge to create something unique. He jots down his ideas with good old-fashioned paper and pencil and comes up with a solution in no time at all!

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Things to consider before ordering your chicken coop made in the USA:

Our Chicken Coop Production Line

As you look over this list, you’ll quickly see that Horizon Structures' simple, time-tested chicken coop designs and a practical, common sense list of Standard Features incorporate everything your hens need into the ideal high quality chicken coop. Once you have your coop you can add an automatic chicken coop door and other chicken coop accessories. 


Horizon Structures Amish chicken coops are housing backyard chickens in 46 states. The top-of-the-line raw materials we use are perfectly suited for a wide range of weather and climate conditions.

  • Board and Batten ImageSiding: white pine board and batten (clear or cedar stain) or LP SmartSide (painted: you choose the colors!) BOTH are superior wood products offering natural insulating properties (for both heat and cold) as well as standing up to whatever Mother Nature can throw at them year after year.
  • Solid wood rafters: create a super-strong roof to hold up heavy winter snow loads.
  • Generous windows: let light in while keeping wind and rain out. The metal framing is chew-proof and resistant to rust.
  • Venting: allows heat and moisture to escape while keeping rain, snow and drafts out of the coop. Some coop models have extra-large hinged panels allowing you to open the vents in order to maximize air-flow on hot, sunny days.
  • Foundation: pressure-treated wood resists moisture and insect damage. Our elevated chicken coop models provide a shady spot for the hens to rest underneath AND keep the coop interior drier and cooler in summer.


Regardless of where you live, the critters that love to prey on chickens are everywhere… raccoons, coyotes, hawks, weasels, snakes – the list is endless. Our pre-made chicken coop designs keep them at bay.

  • Chicken Coop Testimonial from Linda S, Oxford, CTPressure-Treated 4x4 legs raise some coop models 12” to 14” off the ground deterring many predators.

  • 1”x2” vinyl-coated metal mesh over windows and hinged vents is virtually chew-proof and impossible for larger predators to squeeze through.

  • All doors, windows and metal vents are exceptionally strong and can be secured tightly.

  • Rock solid siding: You’ll see evidence of chewing or clawing LONG before anything manages to gnaw its way in through our 1” thick white pine panels or 5/8” thick LP SmartSide wood siding.

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Horizon Structures chicken coop designs come in a wide array of sizes.

  • 5x6 Chicken Coop with Dusk-2-Dawn Door and Chicken Run

    We have a coop to accommodate virtually any size flock or breed of chicken. From 3 hens all the way up to 40 or more - bantams to Jersey Giants.

  • Our smallest coops fit easily into cozy urban backyards.
  • Mid-size coops are right at home in suburban neighborhoods.
  • Our super-size chicken coops won’t get “lost” on your farm.


Customer with Chicken and Puppy in Front of Chicken CoopLittle Ladies taking care of their Chicken GirlsHorizon Structures is where the Amish and chicken coops come together in perfect harmony! The Amish are all about home and family, simple, honest living and down-to-earth values.

If you’re raising chickens, no doubt these things are important to you, too. Having chickens in your own coop at home is so much more than getting fresh eggs... It’s a wonderful experience for the whole family. Children especially love interacting with the chickens and most are eager to learn about taking care of them.

Horizon Structures chicken coops are made in the USA - one at a time - by our skilled Amish carpenters. Each chicken coop is carefully hand-crafted by men who understand the needs of chickens and the value of a well-made coop that will last for many years.


Buy a Horizon Structures Amish-made Chicken Coop so You Can ENJOY Your Chickens – Worry Free!

Little girl peeking into the nest box of our Mini (Chicken) Coop 2For many, the fluffy little chick you’ve cradled in your hands and lovingly nurtured so carefully is more than an “egg-producing machine.”

We know you want to make sure she has a safe and comfortable place to live when you to move her (and her sisters!) out from under the brooder light and into the big wide world.

The day you proudly collect your very first egg, you’ll know you made The BEST choice for your family flock with a Horizon Structures Amish-made chicken coop!

We Make the Process Easy

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