Small Chicken Coops

Mini Coop

Fit this prefab chicken coop conveniently into tight spaces. Provide your hens with safe, dry, and comfortable lodging with our Amish-made chicken coops.

This pre-fab small chicken coop has an intelligent design with everything you need to keep your little flock of backyard chickens safe, dry and comfortable. Its compact size makes relocating this small chicken house is a breeze! Upgrade with one of our wheel packages.   Choose 4 wheels with a wagon handle to pull or 2 wheels with wheel barrow handles to push.

~ This Small Chicken Coop is Perfect for 7 to 9 chickens ~

This backyard small chicken coop is designed especially for smaller flocks and their budget-conscious keepers!




  • 3 Nest Boxes
  • Hinged Nest Box Lid with Latch
  • Hinged Chicken Door with Latch
  • Detachable Wooden Chicken Ramp (painted/stained to match coop)
  • Wooden Roost Bar
  • (Lockable) Hinged Side Access Door
  • Screened Window with Vinyl Coated Mesh
  • Metal Vent
  • Your Choice Wood Siding: Pine Board & Batten or Tongue & Groove (stained) OR LP Smartside (painted)


  • Pressure-Treated Wood Legs and Base
  • 2×4 Floor Joist 16″ On Center
  • 5/8″ Pressure-Treated Plywood Floor
  • 2×3 Rafters with 7/16″ Techshield Sheathing
  • 30 Year Architectural Shingles

Mini Coop

Small Chicken House

Wide access side panel makes cleaning your small chicken house a breeze! Every inch of this small wooden chicken coop’s interior is well within arm’s reach.

The flat, back wall and “lean-to” style roof enable you to place this coop snuggly against a garage, barn or any other building on your property. 

A 12″ x 18″ screened window on the front allows natural sunlight to brighten the coop interior.  Reach inside the coop to open the window and welcome in the fresh air.  We include vinyl coated mesh on the outside of the window to keep predators at bay.

Pine board & batten siding with "clear" stain

Perfect for Small Spaces!

This little coop with its smaller flock capacity – 7-9 chickens – is right at home in urban or suburban backyards.

Stained pine tongue & groove siding with painted, contrasting trim creates a natural yet polished appearance.

Easily Accessible Nest Boxes

We’ve redesigned our nest box lid!  The hinged split lid rests on top of the nest box.  No need to secure it in place.  Won’t drop unexpectedly.

Easy to Move


Adding wheels to a chicken coop has always been a popular option.  Wheels allow you to move your coop – chickens in tow – to fresh foraging areas whenever you wish.

Once again, the small size of the Mini Coop proves to be a BIG benefit.  Simply grab hold of the handle and pull the coop to your desired location.  Two wheels with wheel barrow handles option is also available.

Exterior Features   

Metal vent allows air to circulate while keeping rain and snow out.

This small chicken house isn’t fancy and doesn’t have a lot of “frills.”  But – it does have everything your backyard chickens need to be safe and happily laying eggs.

Its sturdy “tight as a drum” construction keeps predators out and resists the effects of Mother Nature.

 A “tractor” upgrade is also available for the Mini coop.  This clever and convenient movable coop / run combo allows you treat your chickens to fresh grass daily without the dangers associated with free-range.
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Shown with painted LP Smartside wood siding
Shown with stained pine board & batten siding
This is NOT a kit or chicken coop plans
DELIVERED FULLY ASSEMBLED and ready for Same Day Use

Take a Look Inside…

Roomy Nest Boxes

Here’s an interior view of the nest boxes on a Mini Coop with LP Smartside exterior.

Each box is about 1′ x1′ with a wooden sill in front to contain the nesting material.

This coop has been upgraded with the Glasbord floor.

Roost Bar

The roost bar extends the entire 4’8″ width of the coop.

It is securely mounted approximately 9″ from the back wall and about 22″ from the floor.

 In order to provide coast-to-coast delivery of our small chicken coops, we MAY require the services of a commercial carrier. This means that your coop MAY arrive via a large tractor trailer truck.  Please call us at 888-447-4337 if you have concerns about the truck accessing your property. We will work with you to the best of our ability to make the delivery; however, your assistance may be needed in some instances.

Horizon Structures’ Amish-made chicken coops are delivered fully-assembled and ready for same-day use. Coop pricing includes placement.