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Dormer Roof Garages

24x28 Carriage Style Garage

Pre-fab roof dormer garages are a great upgrade that add extra space to your storage upstairs and let light in. If you don't want to run an electrical package through your garage having dormers on your top level will help you find items you are looking for, during the day. They are also great if you are using the space above your garage for more than storage. In an office space, hobby room, or play area having natural light will cut down on electric bill and give a nice vantage point to the property below.

Here, we've simply taken one our our 2 Story Prefab Garage and added 2 dormer windows on the front and back. These roof dormers for sale are a great way to open up the space, upstairs and make it more usable. Prefab dormer garages are becoming more and more  popular to make the second story a multi-use space!



Body Tabs

  • 4x4 Pressure Treated Foundations Skids
  • 2x4 Floor Joist 12” OC
  • 5/8” Smart Finish Wood Flooring


  • Pressure Treated 6x6 Perimeter with Steel Corner Reinforcements
  • 2x4 Wall Studs 16" OC
  •  1/2” Painted LP Smart Side Exterior
  •  36’’ Side Entry Door with Window and Aluminum Floor Guard
  • 4 Windows with Screens and Shutters
  • 4 - 2x8 Center Header over 14' Opening
  • 2 Overhead Doors with Aluminum Floor Guard
  • Stairway to 2nd Floor with Hand Rail

Second Floor

  • 2x6 Floor Joists 16" OC
  • 5/8” Smart Finish Wood Flooring
  •  2x6 Rafters 24" OC
  •  7:12 Roof Pitch
  •  8" Overhang on Gables
  • Painted MiraTec Trim on Eaves and Soffits
  • 4 Windows with Screens and Shutters
  • 7/16” Wood Sheathing on Roof
  • 15 Lb. Tar Paper
  • 30 Yr. Architectural Shingles

Check out our Carriage Style Garage Video below

24 x 24 2-Car garage with Dormer


Here, we've simply taken one our our Raised Roof Garages and added 2 dormer windows on the front and a 20' dormer extension on the back.

The dormer extension on the back of modular garages incorporates the same hinge system to raise and install as the roof.

The dormer windows are pre-assembled at our workshop, shipped with the prefab garage and installed when the garage is set up.



Shown with the following upgrades:


Back of Garage with Dormers
20' Dormer - Back of garage
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Many different styles now available.

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You also have the option of ordering any of our prefab garages without the wooden floor - the price is the same.


6 x 6 pressure-treated wood beams make up the base of the building.
Our delivery driver will remove the section of beam in front of the door(s) as part of the garage set-up.

Lower Level of Garage
Lower Level
Second Story Rail/Stair View
Second Story Stair Rail
Second Story Garage View from the Stairs
Second Story View from Stairs
Second Story Dormer View
Second Story Dormer View


Dormers Add Light, "Looks" and Extra Space...

10 x 16 Garden Shed with Transom Dormer
10 x 16 Garden Shed
Add a transom dormer to a garden shed for extra light and a classy look.


40 x 40 Custom Garage with 3 Dormer Windows
40 x 40 Custom Garage

Dormer windows are easily added to custom, build-on-site structures


. 20 x 24 Garage with Artist's Studio
20 x 24 Studio

See how the dormer extended the workspace of this attractive artist's studio.

28x36 Carriage Style Garage with Dormers and Overhang

We Make the Process Easy