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There are metal barns and wooden barns available. What do you recommend?

We strongly recommend a wooden barn.

  • The natural insulating properties of wood make it the obvious choice for construction of your horse barn or run-in shed. A horse barn made of wood will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter ensuring your horse’s maximum comfort regardless of the season.
  • A wood horse barn is sturdier and safer then metal. Serious injury can result from a well-placed kick puncturing a metal sided barn. A wood horse barn will not dent or puncture.
  • The absorption properties of wood – both sound and moisture – make a wooden horse barn or run-in shed a drier, quieter, more comfortable place for your horse to reside. Condensation is not an issue and outside sounds, whether from the weather or other sources, are muffled. Unlike a metal building, strong winds will not rattle your wood barn or your horses’ nerves.
  • Horizon Structures wooden horse barns and run-in sheds are simply more attractive than metal barns.
  • Wooden horse barns are very low maintenance. The white pine board & batten siding is extremely weather resistant and durable.

Here’s a handy table to help you compare the differences.

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