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Horse Rescue Organizations are listed in alphabetical order.

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Amaryllis Farm Equine Rescue
Our mission: to save serviceably sound slaughter bound horses, offer sanctuary to retired or special needs horses and educate children about animal care is a driving force within them all.

 goal is to properly unite children and horses in a safe environment, using accepted methods to preserve the best equine care through informative and instructional guidance, education, and administration, adhering to the understanding of the need for the preservation of rural equine communities.

Lucky Horse Equine RescueLucky Horse Equine Rescue is a non-profit organization dedicated to the educated and empathic care of all equines.

Our Mission is to protect unwanted, abandoned, neglected, or slaughter bound horses by saving, caring for, and rehabilitating these equines in need and placing them in compatible loving homes where they can lead contented and productive lives.

LHER believes that compassion and education are the long term solutions to improving the lives of all equines. We invite you to join us helping horses.

ReRun, Inc.
ReRun Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Thoroughbred adoption program whose mission is to help ex-racehorses find a second career. Horses accepted into the program are evaluated, rested and rehabilitated as needed. The Thoroughbreds are then placed with qualified adopters to begin their chance at a second career.

Ridin' High, Inc.

At Ridin’ High, we offer activities to address the physical, mental, and social difficulties facing our clients. Our riders come to us with disabilities such as cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, stroke, autism, and a range of learning disorders.

Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue Inc.The Purpose of Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue, Inc. is to promote the prevention of equine abuse.

“At the end of his life he should be retired, adopted, or humanely euthanized if no better solution can be found. Anything else makes a mockery of the words which for centuries have been used to describe our game…Sport of Kings.”
— John Hettinger, Trustee, New York Racing Association


Saddlebred Rescue, Inc.

As a horse slaughter rescue group, we at  Saddlebred Rescue, Inc.  make it our mission to educate the public on concerns facing the Saddleseat breeds and save the unwanted horses from slaughter and return them to useful, productive lives…

Scarlet Rose Farm Equine Rescue

Scarlet Rose Farm Equine Rescue, New Milford, CT 
Dedicated To Saving Horses & Ponies From Slaughter For Human Consumption Abroad.

Shannon’s Companions 
We are a 501(c)3 non profit organization and are a subsidiary of Halfway Home Alternative Therapies,NFP.

We are a licensed animal shelter with the state of Illinois. We provide a loving and caring environment for rescued, surrendered, abandoned and abused horses and dogs until they are adopted. CLICK HERE to Visit us Online. 

Summer Winds Stables Horse RescueOur mission is to provide rescue and a sanctuary for abused, injured, or homeless horses; to utilize these horses in therapeutic programs assisting low income, at-risk youths; and to deepen the natural bond between humans and horses through state-of-the-art educational programs.

United States Equine Rescue League, Inc.

The United States Equine Rescue League (USERL) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the compassionate care of equines.

Voice for Horses Rescue Network
VFHRN is committed to relieving the causes of abuse and neglect, while providing for the humane treatment of horses, we focus on helping any equine in need across the US VFHRN is committed to eliminating the causes of equine suffering through intervention, education and community awareness while promoting humane ethics.


Jill –

There’s a special place in heaven for those like yourself and Horizon for being part of a rescue program like this. You and I are probably both witness to the horrific calamity facing our horse industry right now – unwanted or abandoned animals, falling victim to the same economic downturns that have had families lose their homes and security. Only sadly, horses in those situations also face the very real consequence of losing their lives… Every day I get emails for “Horse Free to Good Home” and it breaks my heart. Kudos to you for caring.

Have a great day, and thank you, on behalf of the animals who cannot speak for themselves.

L.A. Pomeroy, Today’s Equestrian

Thank you for helping us help horses!