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Standard Shingle Colors

Standard Metal Colors

Standard Paint Colors

Standard Stain Colors

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Roof Options
Cedar Shake Shingles *not for modular barns
40 yr. Metal w/ Insulation – 29 gauge Galvalum
Skylights (metal roof only)
No Shingles
Custom Roof Colors / Brands
Tech Shield
Ice & Water Shield
½” Plywood Roof Decking
Join “L” Barns
Paint / Stain Options
Shedrow Barns & Run-In Sheds
*Board & Batten only. LP Smartside barns INCLUDE paint or stain
Modular Barns: Paint or Stain
*Board & Batten only. LP Smartside barns INCLUDE paint or stain
Custom Paint / Stain / Brand
Gallon of Stain
Cedar Siding (Board & Batten)
Cypress Siding (Board & Batten)
Metal – 29 gauge Galvalum
Tongue & Groove – Pine, No Battens
Southern Yellow Pine Tongue & Groove to Top Plate
Kick Board to Top Plate
No Kick Board
Chewguard on Kickboard: Heavy Duty Steel
8’ Wide Buildings – 7’ High
10′ Wide Building – 7′ High
12’ Wide Buildings – 7’ High
Upgrade to Removable Partition
Swinging Gate Partition
No Partition
½ Wall Partition / No Bars – 4’ High
Storage / Tack Rooms
Build a Storage Room or Stall in a Run-In Shed:
8’ Wide Buildings – 7’ High
10′ Wide Building – 7′ High
12’ Wide Buildings – 7’ High
Pressure Treated Floor
No Floor in Storage Room
Horse Head Latch
Door Hinge (order 4 for Dutch door)
Twist Latch – for storage / tack room
Steel Chewguard for Dutch Door
Window w/ Grill
Double-Hung Wood Sash Window
Double Hung Wood Sash Window with Grill
28″x24″ White Vinyl Barn Sash Window (UPGRADE Wood Barn Sash Window)
Cut Out Only
Loft Window – Gable End (no grill)
Add Window to Dutch or Service Door (includes grill)
Add Window to Aisle Door (no grill)
Add Grill to Aisle Door Window
Add Grill to a Window
No Stall Window or Grill
No Grill, Stall Window Only
No Stall Window, Grill Only
Exchange Window for Drop Vent
Exchange Window for Top of Dutch Door
Upgrade Metal Windows to Wood Sash
Transom Window – Aisle Door(s) (5’ & 6’ available)
Transom Window -Service Door
Shutters – decorative, per pair
WOOD Dutch Door – 7’ x 4’
METAL Dutch Door – 7′ x 4′
Half of Dutch Door Only (Top or Bottom)
WOOD Service – 6’ 6” x 3’
METAL Service – 6’ 6” x 3’
Loft Door – Gable End
Solid Sliding Door (includes rail and mounting hardware)
Sliding Stall Door
– with wooden “X”
– with metal “X”
– replace standard grill with “V” yoke
Upgrade Dutch Door to Sliding Stall Door
Upgrade Dutch Door to Sliding Stall Door with Grill Stall Front
Convert Sliding-Style Stall Door to Hinged Door
Upgrade Stall Window to Dutch Door
Credit for Dutch Door
Drop – 2’ h x 3’ w, hinged
Cupolas & Weathervanes
Copper Horse Weathervane
Copper Roof Cupolas:

– 20” Base & 36” High
– 24” Base & 43” High
– 28” Base & 48” High
– 32” Base & 56” High
– 36” Base & 62” High
– 48” Base & 80” High
Stall Accessories
Feed Trough – powder-coated steel
Feed-Thru Cut Out in Grill
3’ Hay Rack – powder-coated steel
Hay Rack in Grill with Feed-Thru Cut Out
Nelson Waterers
*NOTE: Electrical installation not available in all areas
Basic Electric Package Includes:
2 “Caged” 100 Watt Lights, 1 Outlet, 1 Switch, 100 Amp Breaker Panel (each circuit rated 15 amps) & Metal Conduit
Metal Conduit per Stall / Room (over 2 stalls)
Extra 100 Watt “Caged” Light
4’ Fluorescent Vapor-Proof Light
Extra Outlet or Switch with Cover
Flood Light: Switch
Flood Light: Motion or Dusk-to-Dawn
Stall Fan –Includes Mounting Rack
100 Amp Breaker Panel
200 Amp Breaker Panel
Stall Fan (includes mounting bracket)
Solar Light Package
Cabinets & Feed Bins
Small Cabinet – 27” W x 36” H x 14 ¼” D
Large Cabinet – 39” W x 36” H x 14 ¼” D
Tack Cabinet – 51 ½” W x 72” H x 32” D
Includes: 2 Saddle Racks, 2 Bridle Brackets and a Shelf
Tack Trunk – 40″ W x 26″ H x 22″ D
Includes: lockable lid, removeable sliding tray, removable tool caddy with handle
2-Bin Feed Chest – 34” W x 34” H x 17 ½” D
3-Bin Feed Chest – 50 ½” W x 34” H x 17 ½” D
Anchoring & Severe Weather
Concrete Anchor Strap – each
L-Shaped Anchor Brackets – each
Anchor Kit
Includes: Rod to Install & 4 Each of Stakes, Cables & Clips
Installed Anchor Kit
Hurricane Kit (120 mph wind rating)
Includes: Hurricane Clips on Rafters and Laminated Headers

*Florida Customers Only – requires extra bracing to meet state code.

Structural Upgrades
Floor Joist – 12” o.c.
Floor Joist – 8” o.c.
PT Plywood or Advantech
2×6 Rafters
LVL Header & Hurricane Straps
Custom Grill
Architectural Plans
Lined Wash Stall
*No credit given for stall or tack/feed room upgrade
Seamless Gutters
Includes: Elbow and 2″x3″x10′ downspout per gutter outlet