Good morning to all,

I just thought that I would share some news. This morning, for the very first time, I looked out my very own window, and could see my very own barn for the very first time. I have waited almost 30 years as a horse owner for this day. And thanks to my wonderful loving husband, it has become a dream come true. God has blessed me so much by giving me this man, I am so grateful.

The barn is just gorgeous. The stalls are huge, the finish work is beautiful, the tack room will be a wonderful place for the dogs. There is plenty of room for storage in the extra stalls, which are 12 x 12. Missy won’t know what to do with all the room in her stall after being in a 7 x 9 stall for almost 3 years!

The construction of the barn is excellent. The “team” that came to place the barn, build the roof, put on doors, and do the finish painting was phenominal. The work ethic they exhibited was something that every boss can only dream of. Todd and I had to force them to stop working, only after it had turned dark and they work working under lights, to have a pizza. They worked constantly from 1:30pm to 10:30pm with that 10 minute break. Each man knew their assigned job, and exactly how to do it. It was wonderful just to watch them work! And to witness these “pieces” become my dream barn!

Todd is working on having pictures on line, when this happens, (if I can be computer literate enough to know how), I will send you some so you can see just how beautiful the barn is. If I can’t get pictures to you – you will just have to come visit us to see it for yourself!

Love to all,

Donna R., Orange, MA