Denali Pavilion

The Denali timber frame pavilion may not be as high as the tallest mountain in North America, also known as Mount McKinley in Alaska, for which it is named, but it does embody the majesty of the mountain range.

Archway Benefit

The inviting archway of the wooden garden pavilion offers the benefit of maximizing the focal point in the landscape, and the sturdy natural wood design offers a tempting framework for creative decoration with bistro lights, garland, bunting, drapes, or floral arches.

Standard Features & Options of A Denali Pavilion


Eave Overhang

Gable Overhang

Stain Colors

Ceiling of Timber Frame Pavilion

Wood Ceiling

ROOF TYPE Standing Seam

Roof Material

Additional Denali Specifications

Post Sizes

Roof Pitch


The Decorative Appeal

The wooden garden pavilion’s decorative appeal heralded by its curved braces and cathedral style hammerbeam truss design offers a distinct aesthetic elevating any backyard space or formal garden.

Make It Your Own

Select your perfect color scheme from our stain options to suit your individual preference and complement existing structures on the property or make a stand-alone statement. Shingle roofs offer a traditional appeal and a noise free roof surface during summer showers, while metal roofs shed rain and snow effortlessly and are a great choice for colder climates.

Embrace the powerful spectacle of the Denali timber frame wooden garden pavilion.

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