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Horse Barn Building Tips

October 28, 2014 posted by Jill Siragusa


Garages of the Rich and Famous

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October 28, 2014 posted by Jill Siragusa


It certainly has been a while since we have posted a new blog for all of our followers but when an opportunity arises to post such a great short story and pictures from a customer we can't resist posting.
We hope you enjoy our Florida...
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October 21, 2013 posted by Jill Siragusa

Well folks, it certainly has been a busy summer here at Horizon Structures.

If you have been visiting our facebook page we have been working hard to post pictures of our customers sheds and garages to help provide some inspiration to your new building design.

While we have been busy, we are still here to pick up the phone for all of your questions and are happy to get your quotes out to you as quickly as possible.

In the midst of the summer rush we have even found time to run a chicken coop contest. Yep, that's right. Just by visitiing our Horizon Structures...

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July 24, 2013 posted by Jill Siragusa

A Very popular question and concern that we get here at Horizon Structures come from our customers who may have a very small area for the delivery of their barn or garage and think that there is no way that we will be able to get their structure in place other than using a build on site method.
Well folks, I'm here to tell you that if you have not heard about our mule, you are in for a treat.

Many times our customers worry that our only means of delivery for their barns and garages is via the use of our long trailers and they worry that we won't be able to get to the area...

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June 5, 2013 posted by Jill Siragusa

Horses love Barns

I received this picture from a very special customer in Florida who we are doing a barn for this week.

This just goes to show that Horses Do Care about where they will be staying and living from day to day.

This is a downsized shed row barn for this mini. I believe he is inspecting the materials to make sure they...

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May 15, 2013 posted by Jill Siragusa

With the Spring in full cry and the sound of birds waking most of us up as early as 3:45 am we all know that it's time to open up the garage for business.

Why now you say? Well with the winters around our area here in PA we aren't having or haven't seen a decent snow storm in a year or two so the snow blower has been sitting idle for most of the winter. And the rock salt sits in it's bucket just waiting to be used but alas not so this season.

But what's this? Finally after what seemed like a very long and windy and cold but somewhat uneventful winter we are starting to see...

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May 7, 2013 posted by Jill Siragusa

You have probably seen a growing trend in backyard chickens.  They're in the country, they're in the suburbs, they're taking over.  If you still do not know why chickens are becoming the new number one pet, here are some reasons

There are quite a few benefits of having chickens. Chickens are eco-friendly.  Yes, these little guys help keep food waste out of the garbage because they will eat table scraps. If you have a left-over salad or some fruit that may be just past its freshness date, your chickens will love it.  Of course you should never feed them food that is spoiled, but they...

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April 30, 2013 posted by Jill Siragusa

Horizon Structures is proud to announce that we have a new product available to our customers for 2013. 
We have taken notice that many more people are enjoying miniature horses and that owning a VSE (Very Small Equine) is getting to be very popular.
Well look no further for the perfect structure for your little friend.  Horizon Structures now offers our shed row barns in a downsized version to accommodate minis.
We have taken our very popular shed row horse barn and adapted the features so your miniature horses get all the same specifications as the standard size barn....

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April 17, 2013 posted by Jill Siragusa

Hello there Horizon Structures fans.

Mike Rinier here from Horizon Structures Customer Service and Sales.

I wanted to take a moment to give you an update since I have now been with Horizon for just over a year.
I have had a great time here with our project and sales team thus far and have had the opportunity to learn many things including the ins and outs of barns and garages and the materials and specifications of those structures.
Right along with all the large buildings I have enjoyed learning and helping customers with their chicken coop questions and doing my...

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April 5, 2013 posted by Jill Siragusa

It has been just shy of four months since you have heard from me, so they wanted to do an update on my chicken coop and the girls, well, and the boy!

The coop is still AWESOME!!!!!  Lots of room for everyone to roost and lay their eggs.  They get lots of free range time now since they are all bigger and are able to defend themselves better.  To aid in their defense I have implemented a few "Predator deterrents".  I have purchased four ...

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February 8, 2013 posted by Jill Siragusa

To all of our customers and friends of Horizon Structures out there and anyone who comes across our blogs, I wanted to post this as I found it very inspirational. While I myself am not a football fan, I did find the commercial that a truck company did for this years super bowl game and watched the video that included this speech from the Great Radio Personality Paul Harvey that was originally done in 1978.

I remember listening to Paul Harvey at lunch time when I worked over the summer for a local builder. Paul had that great voice that definitely kept your attention.


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February 6, 2013 posted by Jill Siragusa

It doesn't matter if you live in New England or Florida, California or Maryland and anywhere in between. Outdoor living and enjoying the outdoors via a Gazebo, Pergola, Cabanna, Pavilion, or other Patio Structure makes that time even better.

For 2013 there are going to be some new offerings on outdoor living structures available. One of the new products will be a cedar gazebo which can be delivered with different options to suite your needs. With a floor, without a floor, and even with windows and screens to offer a more quiet area that can be used for more that just sunny days....

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February 5, 2013 posted by Jill Siragusa

The great thing about my job here at Horizon Structures ( is that I always have the chance not only to help customers with product selection but to also learn from the customer as well.
Yesterday during a conversation about chicken coops with a customer we were going over the dimensions and specifications of a couple of our chicken coops and she suddenly asked me if our coops were able to be used with the "deep litter" method. Of course I initially misunderstood her and thought she said "deep leader" method which led me to an internet search...

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January 31, 2013 posted by Jill Siragusa

As the spring season is quickly approaching I can tell you that we are doing many quotes right now for both stock and customized horse barns.
If you are new to checking out the Horizon Structures website and maybe you don't have our Perfect Barn catalog in your hands just yet. I thought I would address one of the most popular questions we receive here. "What Size Stalls Should I Get?"

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January 25, 2013 posted by Jill Siragusa

For any of you who have a dog that you may have added to your family when your children were young, I am sure that you have no doubt heard the phrase "We'll help clean up after the dog. We promise" And if you have heard that phrase it's sincerity usually passes about as fast as the cute puppy grows.

Well good news. If you are getting in to keeping chickens and if it is a project that you want to take on as a family, and that phrase has been used inserting the word chickens for dog, we may be able to offer some help when it comes to cleaning your chicken coop.

When you are...

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January 16, 2013 posted by Jill Siragusa

For those of you who have a coop or those of you who may be looking to get your first coop and want to maximize egg production and have a more relaxed coop environment, here is one chicken coop lighting idea that may work for you.

Installing a red L.E.D light in your coop can make your chickens calmer and less aggressive. On top of that they may indeed lay more eggs,even in the winter months when egg production is usually down due to less daylight that is available.

How it works: Install the roof mounted solar panel charger using a provided mounting bracket. This will be...

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January 16, 2013 posted by Jill Siragusa

When it comes to protecting your chickens you want to have no doubts that they will be safe from everything from Weasels to Coyotes and any other local predators. When you are looking to get your new coop or if you are shopping to upgrade to a larger size be sure to check out the chicken coop protection features that keep your chickens safe as well as comfortable.

At Horizon Structures, We use 1x2 vinyl coated wire mesh on all of our vents and also to cover all of the operating window panels on our coops.

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December 21, 2012 posted by Jill Siragusa

Well folks we've made it to December and the end of December at that. It's getting very close to coop season here at Horizon Structures

While coop season never really stops, We wait anxiously for the new year. Because at the beginning of each new year we get to help all the new customers who are looking to explore and enjoy this new found hobby of raising chickens.

If you are just getting started, check out the pull it coop. This is a great coop with a built on run and is also easy to move around your property with a lawn tractor or 4 wheeler. The attached towing chains make...

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December 21, 2012 posted by Jill Siragusa

For our Blog this time we welcome a new guest writer.

A recent customer of ours, Amy Caraway in Salisbury North Carolina has been kind enough to share her excitement about getting her new barn but also provides some insight to how she handles her horses during what would be a more mild winter in a more Southern region. Her story also provides a good view of how our horse barns fair in North Carolina's climate. It also demontrates the importance of good horse barn ventilation.

Thank you Amy for sharing with us and we hope her experience provides all of you with some helpful...

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December 8, 2012 posted by Jill Siragusa