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The Right Stall Size

As the spring season is quickly approaching I can tell you that we are doing many quotes right now for both stock and customized horse barns.
If you are new to checking out the Horizon Structures website and maybe you don’t have our Perfect Barn catalog in your hands just yet. I thought I would address one of the most popular questions we receive here. “How big should a horse stall be?”

Well here is some advice straight out of our catalog. I hope that it is helpful.

A 12’x12′ stall is considered standard for a 1000+ pound horse. An average 15h horse can be comfrtable in a 10’x12″ or even a 10’x10′. Miniature horses or ponies can be comforable in an 8’x10′ stall or smaller. For a mare and foal, consider two normal size stalls and having a removeable partition.

If you would like to have an odd horse size stall such as a 10’x14′ or a 12’x16′ we can do that and it won’t cost you any extra. Remember stall sizes listed are outside dimensions.

So when you are ready for your barn, give us a call and we’ll get the stall size that is right for your horses needs.

Remember it is very important to us to give you what you want and not sell you what we think you want.

Give us a call or check out the site.

About Horizon Structures

Horizon Structures is now the industry’s leader in quality built horse barns, horse stables and run-in sheds. The high level of craftsmanship in our Amish built barns, horse stables, storage buildings, sheds and garages provide for a long lasting structure that comes with our Written Guarantee.

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