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Large Backyard Chicken Coops

Chicken keeping is no longer a simple flock of hens foraging in the lawn or garden… calico-clad grandmothers in aprons tossing a handful of corn... rosy-cheeked children gathering eggs as part of their daily chores... fussy flocks scratching, squawking, or fretting angrily as the family dog paces nearby.

Modern life has made us all at least somewhat familiar with the migration of the humble backyard flock to ‘factory farms’ and mega food processing plants.

However, times are changing and there is growing public concern about where our food comes from, how it is handled and what is added before we consume it. The issue of animal welfare is also getting attention and raising awareness. People are increasingly interested in adopting a healthier lifestyle and that includes reestablishing backyard poultry in significant numbers.


Chicken Coop Shed

ANY of our storage sheds can be converted into an extra large chicken coop.

Customization is our specialty! Just let us know what you have in mind and we'll build the coop you've always wanted.

The Chicken Coop Package Includes:

  • 12 pocket nest box with hinged landing shelves
  • 3 bar roost
  • Hinged chicken door with latch

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Create Your Dream Coop

Exactly ‘who’ are the folks eagerly welcoming sweet baby chicks and tenderly nurturing them under a heat lamp in a box in the garage for weeks before resettling them into their very own backyard chicken coop?

Those buying chicken coops and their reasons for doing so can be as numerous and varied as there are breeds of domestic chickens! However, at Horizon Structures, we find the people who buy our larger chicken coops fall into a few broad categories…

Probably the biggest group of people buying large chicken coops are those who are truly concerned about the food supply. They want a measure of control over what they feed themselves and their families.

Large, pre-built chicken coops allow people to feed their families fresh, wholesome eggs from chickens whose environment and diet is monitored and regulated. Raising your own birds also ensures meat that is free from antibiotics or other chemicals and processed in a way that is 100% under your control from beginning to end.


Upgrade Any Shed to a Chicken Coop


A person who buys a large chicken coop will very likely have more eggs and/or meat birds than their immediate family can consume. A large walk-in chicken coop affords the opportunity to sell or donate the surplus providing an extra source of income or a way to make a positive impact on one’s community. The size of the flock housed in a bigger coop pays ‘dividends’ that can have educational and charitable benefits in addition to being economically profitable. For this reason, churches, organizations, and schools may also buy oversized chicken coops.

Over the years, buyers of our larger prebuilt coops have also included bird lovers or hobbyists who are interested in chickens for purely aesthetic reasons. People who keep chickens to promote rare breeds or produce show birds have found Horizon’s larger sized, custom chicken coops perfectly adaptable for meeting the special needs of their breeding stock. Creative custom layouts provide space inside the coop for working with the birds, separating roosters and hens, preparing for events, and caring for and raising delicate chicks.


For Larger Flocks: All-In-One Multi-Functional Large Chicken Coop

Perhaps you have a larger flock. Or, maybe poultry is your business. If so, you need something more than a small, backyard coop. Consider Horizon Structures large, built-to-order “coop systems.”
Completely customizable. Everything under 1 roof. Built to meet your needs.

  • Chicken coop
  • Storage for tools, equipment, supplies
  • Chicken Run

YOU determine what you need: size, layout and features (doors, windows, nest boxes and more…). We build to your design and deliver it fully assembled and ready for immediate use. Check out these unique custom backyard chicken coops for sale. Call us with your ideas and get a quote today!


We present to you: Awesome All-In-One Chicken Building

Everything under 1 roof!!

12 x 40 large chicken coop with built on run

12 x 40 Chicken Coop with Built-On Run

12 x 40 coop floor plan
12x40 Coop Floor Plan

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Same size – Different Features

12 x 40 large chicken coop with built on run pine board and batten

12 x 40 Backyard Chicken Coop with Built-On Run

Everything under 1 roof!!

12 x 40 coop floor plan
12x40 Coop Floor Plan

With a larger, custom backyard chicken coop you have the luxury of extra space.Add a solid wall or (galvanized) wire partition to separate your flock or create a feed/storage room.

Galvanized Wire Partition with Wire Door

Horizon Structures has a robust delivery system that has been shipping large, prefabricated coops throughout the Continental US since we added them to our product line in 2008. To date, Horizon coops are in all 48 states!

As soon as we deliver your large, prebuilt coop you can move your chickens right in! Our first-class materials and building methods ensure that GENERATIONS of chickens will live safe and sound in their Horizon Structures coop providing a return on investment you didn’t think possible.

Remember, Horizon Structures chicken coops are built-to-order giving buyers endless opportunities to add options and upgrades. And, the larger the coop the more opportunities to customize! Create your own layout. Add an oversized, built-in chicken run creating an all-in-one structure. Divide the coop interior into space for your flock, storage for feed and equipment and, if needed, a quarantine area for sick, injured birds or very young chicks. Add extra doors, windows, roost bars, nest boxes and more. Using the ‘deep litter’ method? We’ll move doors, add ramps or other modifications needed to make it work.

More Shed-to-Coop Conversions

10 x 20 Coop with Chicken Run


  • 10' Chicken Coop
  • Glasbord Floor in Coop Area
  • Cleaner Coop Tray
  • Dawn-to-Dusk Chicken Door
  • Electrical Package
  • Cedar Shake Shingles
10 x 24 Coop with Chicken Run

10 x 24 Coop with Chicken Run

  • 10' x 12' Coop
  • 10' x 12' Run
  • 24 Pocket Nest Box with Hinged Landing Shelves
  • 3 Bar Roost
  • 2 Hinged Chicken Doors with Latches
  • 2 Screened Windows
10x24 coop with run
10x24 coop with run 10x24 coop with run

10x 30 Pine Board & Batten Coop


  • Metal Roof with Insulation
  • Chicken Coop Package with
  • Extra Nest Boxes
  • Glasbord Floor
  • Cleaner Coop Cage
  • 1 Dawn-to-Dusk Chicken Door
10x30 large chicken coop front
10x30 large chicken coop interior.jpg large chicken coop end

Chickens are useful in so many ways. They can be profitable, too. And, as so many have experienced firsthand, chickens are just plain fun to have around. Like potato chips: You can’t have just one and a large, Horizon Structures chicken coop is the perfect thing for keeping as many chickens as your heart desires! The more the merrier!

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