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Is it my responsibility to prepare the base? What is needed for site prep?

Horizon Structures offers site prep in most areas. For a simple shedrow barn, we recommend a pad of stone dust or crushed stone 3″ – 4″ thick. The pad should be as level as possible, and, at least, a foot larger than the dimensions of the building. This will create an area around the building for drainage and run-off. Some people choose to frame the pad with pressure-treated 4 x 4’s, or railroad ties, to create a neat border and contain the stone dust.

A stone dust pad is suitable for run-in sheds as well; however, since the bases on all our buildings are made of pressure-treated wood, a pad is not absolutely necessary. Many people like to move their run-in sheds to different locations within the pasture. In cases like this, a stone dust pad would not be practical and the run-in shed is set directly on the ground.

For buildings with overhangs and for modular barns, you will need cement footers (pillars, piers, etc.) instead of a stone dust pad. These should be 16″ – 18″ in diameter and set 3′ – 4′ in the ground. We will provide a diagram of your barn layout showing recommended placement of these footers. After the barn is in place, you can pour a cement aisle (or floor if you have a wash rack.) Also at this time, many folks will back-fill the stalls (and aisle, if not pouring cement) with stone dust.

Some people prefer to pour a solid cement slab (at least 4″ thick) as the base for their building. * This alternative is more common for sheds and garages then for horse barns.

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