Some of you may be considering asking a friend or relative, who happens to be in the construction business, to build your horse barn.

Before you do, consider this…

Carpentry and construction experience doesn’t equal “horse sense.”

You wouldn’t ask a brain surgeon to perform a root canal would you?

WE ARE THE EXPERTS when it comes to designing and building a horse barn or horse barns. We know what it takes to give your horse the finest home possible: correct stall size, lighting, ventilation, safety details, premium horse-tough materials and more.

With a friend, you often can’t insist on a “due date.” You may be at the mercy of his schedule. Our lead time is, typically, only 2 to 3 weeks. Additionally, a Horizon Structures’ horse barn can be ready for your horses the SAME DAY it’s delivered (*One week at the most for larger horse barns), compared to 4-6 weeks, or more, for “stick built.” These are just some of the many prefabricated construction advantages.

Besides, you don’t want to risk a friendship should something go wrong. If you’re not satisfied with the horse barn we build we’ll work to make it right until you are!