No doubt about it, we’re all putting extra time and attention into making decisions about how to spend our money these days. Sometimes making larger purchases – like horse barns – can seem so complicated and overwhelming that it’s easy to fall into “analysis paralysis”… simply doing nothing.

Sitting on a project like this can actually cost you more in the long run…

  • Everyone knows that prices continue to climb. Waiting to buy your horse barn until next year could mean you’ll pay more.
  • You’re boarding your horses now but were planning to bring them home to a your own, new horse barn. Now, you’re having second thoughts. Think again – now is the PERFECT time…

You just can’t put a price on being able to walk out your back door and have your horses waiting for you – just a few steps away. It sure beats that once or twice a week trip to the horse barn – if you can manage to squeeze it in to your busy schedule.

Consider also the time you spend traveling back and forth to the horse barn and the money spent on gas. When it seems like you’re cutting back on everything else don’t cut back on the time you spend with your horses – work or play! Being near them and a part of their lives on a daily basis is good for the soul and relieves stress better than an expensive vacation ever could.

An added bonus to consider: improvements such as horse barns, riding arenas, pastures, fencing, storage sheds and landscaping all fall within the type of improvements likely to help increase the value of the land itself.