Thinking about renovating that old horse barn instead of starting from scratch?

On the one hand, you can pat yourself on the back for thinking about conservation and making use of something you already have.

With the other hand, take out a paper and pencil and figure out how much renovating is actually going to cost. Not just in terms of $$$ but also in terms of what you might have to compromise in functionality and safety for your horses.

You can still use that old horse barn for hay and equipment storage…. Just save yourself the headache of trying to renovate a barn into something it was never intended for. Avoid the pain of future maintenance and repair of the older, original structure.

Do yourself (and your horses) a favor – Instead of a barn renovation, start off right with one of our new and complete “horse-ready” horse barns, and rest easy at night.

Remember: Our horse barns are delivered fully assembled and ready for SAME DAY USE.
(*One week at the most for a larger horse barn)