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Horse Barn Rules

Horse barn planning for building a horse barn on your property can be a large undertaking. There are so many choices and details to take care of. From stick-built to prefab modular horse barns, simple run-in sheds and barn kits, loafing shed kits and stall kits – all have aspects requiring planning and decision making.

We specialize in prefab and modular horse barns. Here’s a list of Insider Tips to help you avoid some common pitfalls in the horse barn buying process AND get the BEST horse barn possible!

10 Insider Tips for Buying a Horse Barn

1. Board vs. Buy? Many of our customers look into buying a barn because they dream of bringing their horses home from the boarding stable. What could be better than visiting your horses in your pajamas? However, a ton of factors go in to such a life-altering decision, so weigh the pros and cons to make sure it’s right for you.

2. Investigate the prefab horse barn option. Superior quality, lower cost and quicker build time all add up to money in your pocket and time on your clock… Read more to see how our horse barn designs are the obvious choice.

3. Buy as much space as you can afford. Here’s a line we’ve never heard: “Gee, I wish I didn’t have so much elbow room!” You’ll never regret buying extra space to grow in to. Do it up right the first time around and learn why size matters when making your horse barn plans. Then you’re ready to roll when you need to stock up on extra hay, put up an injured horse, or jump on that sale for your next big farm purchase. You can thank us later!

4. Buy the right stall / run-in shed. You think you know stall size? Think again. View some pointers and information about this basic barn building decision.

Check out our

BARN BUILDING TIME LINE to keep your project on schedule!

5. Permits. Requirements for permitting a new barn construction vary wildly from area to area. And while the permit process may never give you the “warm-and-fuzzies, we want to help you through it. Here’s what you need to know.

6. Everything depends on a properly prepared site. As the old saying goes “no hoof – no horse”. The same applies to your horse barn or run-in shed. When building a horse barn a good foundation is key. The long-term success or failure of all horse barn design depends on a properly prepared site. And a new horse barn “failure” can be a whopper!

~ Shed row barns or run-in sheds HERE.
~ Modular, Center Aisle, Overhangs HERE.
~ Other structures: CLICK HERE for more details.

7. Understand your siding options. Evaluate your budget, maintenance requirements and the look you’re after to choose the siding that’s perfect for you.

8. Use color to make a statement. Will your horse barn decor reflect a staid “hunter” atmosphere, or maybe an eclectic “endurance” taste? View our guidelines for some insight into choosing the right colors for your next barn building.

9. Options are your friends. At Horizon, customization is what we do. Our horse barns come with everything you need, but whoever stopped at needs without moving onto wants? Your new horse barn is just begging to be customized with all the little extras that make your horse more comfortable and your job taking care of him easier! Whether you want to add or move walls, windows, or even more, just ask! We’ve got a wide array of options and upgrades available.

10. Don’t let your horse barn get stuck in the street.This rule is not to scare you, but rather to get you planning ahead. No matter what your situation, we have a delivery solution to get horse barns wherever our customers want them!

About Horizon Structures

Horizon Structures is now the industry’s leader in quality built horse barns, horse stables and run-in sheds. The high level of craftsmanship in our Amish built barns, horse stables, storage buildings, sheds and garages provide for a long lasting structure that comes with our Written Guarantee.

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