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Pool Houses, Storage and Fun, All In One

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pool Houses, Storage and Fun, All In One

So here we are in the thick of summer.  The heat is in full effect and for us here in PA we are enjoying that wonderful humidity that we all love to not love.
A few weeks ago we talked about outdoor living.  Pergolas, gazebos, pavilions were the hot topic and are still some of the best ways to catch a bit of shade outdoors.
For those of us though that need to combine our outdoor living with the storage aspect of a shed, let’s talk about the pool house.
A pool for many is an investment that adds to the value of both property and home in addition to providing that great area for friends and family.  And the pool house is the perfect add-on to that pool to provide a place that can be customized to be anything from a storage area to a changing room or even a cabana type area with furniture and finished walls and floors for entertaining after the sun goes down.
With an almost unlimited variety of color combinations and window add ons and options our pool houses here at Horizon Structures can be customized to your liking.
Hip roofs, dormer packages, shutters, flower boxes add flair to your pool house while the TREX decking porch and railings with optional top spindles and bracing can bring that next level look to turn the heads of your visitors and have the questions flying.
Another feature that makes our pool houses great is the fact that we don’t offer just a single door for entry.  For those of you who need to store items there is a double door that comes standard.  This is great for bringing in the furniture as well as lawn and pool equipment for handy storage.
Horizon Structures pool houses are constructed with 2×4 framing and floor joists.  We use 5/8″ plywood for the flooring that is easy for you to upgrade with the finished floor of your choice.  The entire building is built using pressure treated 4×4’s so you can rest assured that your pool house or pool shed is safe sitting on the foundation of your choice.
As you will see in the links provided, the 8′ porch is included in the size of the building.  And you have the option to grow or shorten your porch as you see fit for your needs.  An example would be that if you were interested in a 12×24 pool house you would have a standard 8′ porch and 16′ of enclosed building which means that even if bad weather arrives as an uninvited guest that the party doesn’t have to stop.
Please check out the links to our site and see what we have to offer and then remember that if you see a mixture of features that you like from one pool house to the next we specialize in customizing to get you all the features you want in one building.
Have a great summer folks.

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