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Prefab & Portable Garages

5 Car, 2-Story Garage with Raised Roof and Dormers

Erecting a garage on one's property is no small task. Today's consumer has many choices. From stick-built to prefab modular garages to canopy carports - all have aspects requiring planning and decision making.

Most people want a garage. In fact, research shows the majority would not buy a house that did not include a garage. Storing the family car is the most common and obvious reason to buy a custom or prefabricated garage; however, today’s creative consumer is using the modular garage for so much more:

  • Workshop
  • Home Office Space
  • Work on projects that are too large or too messy to do in the house.
  • Storage for ATVs, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles… etc.
  • Artist Studio
  • Hunting Cabin
  • Rental
  • Commercial or Residential applications.

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Garages Lot at Horizon StructuresThe construction techniques and materials we use are of the highest quality and are so good they make you forget that you’re actually in a prebuilt garage. You could easily believe you’re still inside the house.

We build 1-car, 2-car and LARGER garages. Each style includes a long list of Standard Features. We also offer tons of options for customizing, upgrading, modification and expansion. Double your space by going with a 2-story prebuilt garage. Stretch that space even more by adding dormers!

Our smallest garage is 10x10. Our largest? You decide!

We keep it simple: You prepare the site, we deliver and complete all on-site assembly work. Because they’re prefab garages, most are ready to use the same day they’re delivered. Even our largest modular garage models are complete in just a few days.

A Horizon Structures modular or prebuilt garage is an affordable, highly customizable and hassle-free alternative to a traditional stick-built garage. We hope one of our prefab or portable garages is the right choice for you!


Why A PreFab Garage Is Better



  • 80% - 100% of the construction on our free-standing garages is done inside our shop.
  • Raw materials are stored inside - no weather damage.
  • Prefab garages are stronger than "stick built" - must withstand transportation & delivery.
Garage Construction in Horizon Structures' Shop

Build Time

  • Our carpenters and materials are always ready.
  • No delays for bad weather or poor planning
  • Weeks - not months - from order to delivery & ready to use.
Garage Construction in Horizon Structures' Shop


  • Modular garages can be 40% less than "stick built"
  • No hidden costs - We put it in writing.
  • Specialized carpenters - streamlined processes - efficient teamwork.
Prefab Garage Construction in Horizon Structures' Shop

Prefab - Modular - Built On-Site - No Difference in Construction!

Do I need a building permit for my portable garage? Maybe. Maybe not.   Click Here to learn more...


Site Prep for Portable Garages

24x28, 2 Car, 2-Story Garage with Cedar Siding and DormersREMEMBER: The BEST thing you can do to preserve the life of our modular garages, or any of our sheds, is to install rain gutters. Keeping water away from the building can extend the life of the painted surface and the structure itself.
Add them as an option when you order your prefab garage!

Site preparation for our modular portable garages can be more involved than site prep for sheds depending on your needs, preferences or local requirements.See more information on a cement slab for your garage foundation.

Remember, except for the board & batten style, all of our large prefab garages - whether 1 or 2 car - come standard with a wooden floor. If you're concerned about deterioration from ground moisture, consider these upgrades:

  • Pressure Treated Floor Joists: Add $ .20 / square foot.
  • Pressure Treated Plywood: Add $.80 / square foot.
  • Pressure Treated Joists & Plywood Floor: Add $ 1.00 / square foot

Cement Slab for Site PrepThe other option would be to order your prefabricated garage with no floor. The garage base could then be crushed stone or a concrete slab. It has been our experience that some local municipalities REQUIRE a concrete floor for any building used to house cars or trucks.


Please make sure to check the requirements where you live before ordering one of our modular garages.

If you choose to have a concrete slab as the garage floor, a prefab garage would be set on top of the slab or we can pre-build the garage in our shop, bring the pieces to your site and construct it on the slab - incorporating the slab as part of the structure.

There is an extra charge for the labor to build on-site.

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Horizon's modular garages can be a simple, no-frills structures or dressed up enough to practically live in!

  • 40x40, Custom 4 Car Garage with 2nd Story Office, 3 Dormers and CupolaLet us add the shelves so you have more time to do the things you like to do.
  • We will put in a workbench so you can get started on your next project right away.
  • We can add the lights, outlets, switches and a breaker box so you can work in your garage day or night. (For pre-built only. When building on-site, we recommend you hire a local electrician)
  • Extra windows? Bigger windows? Easy and affordable. Just tell us what you want.
  • We can even put in walls: Imagine one room for the kids, bikes and toys and another room for your tools and equipment.
  • Get your own space in as little as 2-4 weeks.
  • Check out our list of options then call us with your Wish List!