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14×54 Kennel

Shown with the following options/upgrades: metal roof, 4′ solid dividers, welded wire panels, exhaust fans and more

At minimum, we highly recommend the pre-installed hose port.  It’s hard to put a value on having water conveniently at your fingertips right INSIDE the kennel!  So much better than standing outside in the rain/snow/sleet/dark filling a bucket of water from a far-away faucet or dragging a hose across the yard… reeling it up when your finished… or, leaving it lay until you need it again, then mowing around it… tripping over it… Ugh!  Our hose port is located INSIDE the commercial dog kennel and allows easy connection to any hose.  If you have a hot water heater in the building, you can access hot AND cold water through the hose port.

You may also want to consider our stainless steel water nibble.  The wall mounted bracket allows dogs constant access to clean, fresh water.  The bracket is height adjustable so it works for any breed – short or tall.  The trigger and valve are corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel.  Water on-demand through the nibble eliminates dirty, messy bowls and spills.  Dogs learn to use it almost immediately.  We mount it over the (interior) dog box (optional) floor drain to catch any water dribbling onto the floor.

"Gallery Blue" Metal Roof
"White" Siding
"Dark Blue" Trim
Capacity: 12

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