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12×42 Kennel

This outdoor dog kennel with run is shown with the following options/upgrades: electrical package, (2) AC units, drains

If you have lots of dogs on your hands, then you need an XL kennel designed with multiples in mind! This is just what you will get with this oversized 12×42 Commercial Dog Kennel. This kennel features eight separate dog boxes and eight attached outdoor runs, so each dog has their own dedicated indoor and outdoor space.

One of the many things that makes this kennel stand out is the durable food bowls we use here at Horizon Structures—which are a must-have when housing multiple pets. These food and water dishes can be found both inside the dog box and outside in the dog run and include the following features:

  • Chew-proof, stainless-steel design
  • 3-quart capacity bowls
  • Sanitary and easy-to-clean design
  • Bowls with welded-on metal frame to hold bowls in place
  • Designed to eliminate spilled food and water, reducing mess and waste
  • Easy clean-up design with bowls that slide out of and slide into their frame

When you need to house lots of dogs at once but want to make sure each pooch has their own place to call home—there is no better option than this eight-dog kennel. Put this custom-designed kennel on your property as-is or upgrade it to include our comprehensive electrical system and bring even more features to your new outdoor structure!

"Light Gray" Siding
"Dark Gray" Trim
"Nickel Gray" Shingles
Capacity: 8

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