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12×42 Kennel

Shown with the following options/upgrades: electrical package, (2) AC units, drains

Many of the prefab dog kennels pictured on our site show dog food and water dishes both inside in the dog box and outside in the dog run. Each chew-proof stainless-steel bowl has a generous 3-quart capacity. They’re sanitary and easy to clean.
You may be thinking this is a frivolous option and that you’ll get your own bowls. Hold that thought… Look closely and you’ll see that there’s more to these bowls then first meets the eye. We’ve modified the panel – whether it be the run divider or the kennel gate – and included a welded-on metal frame to hold the bowls in place. Look even closer and you see a metal spring holding each bowl tightly in place.

Feeding time just got a whole lot easier!

Accessing the bowls from OUTSIDE the kennel = no more “fighting” with hungry, rambunctious dogs!
No more spilled food or water = Reduce mess and waste!
Feeding time is FAST. Simply go down the aisle with food and water – 1,2,3. Everyone’s fed and watered in a snap.
No retrieving bowls from kennels. All bowls held firmly in place – no tipping, sliding or slopping!
Clean up is quick, too. Just unfasten the spring, the bowls slide out of the frame. Snap back in just as quickly!

"Light Gray" Siding
"Dark Gray" Trim
"Nickel Gray" Shingles
Capacity: 8

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