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10×16 Kennel

10×16 dog kennel is shown with the following options/upgrades: drain

Ask anyone contemplating outdoor accommodations for their dogs and you’ll find as many reasons for making this choice as there are different breeds of dogs.  However, one thing’s for certain, whether you have working dogs, show dogs, rescues, hunting dogs, family pets or mothers with pups – ALL dog owners and handlers want the same things for their animals:  a living space that is safe, secure, clean, comfortable and protected from the elements. Here’s where Horizon Structures prefab dog kennels excel. We offer the perfect solution to the canine housing challenge.

Providing your dog a Horizon Structures prefab kennel is the next best thing to keeping him in the house with you.  That’s because we use building methods and materials and that are similar, if not identical, to those used in building your home.

Starting from the ground up, your new fenced in dog house is built to last.  Pressure treated 4x4s keep the structure from coming into direct contact with the ground.  They also create an airspace under the building which resists moisture and insect damage and minimizes dampness inside the building.  Above this foundation, pressure-treated 2×4 floor joists spaced 16” on center make the kennel quite sturdy and MORE than capable of bearing the weight of all the kennel fixtures plus you, your dogs and any equipment and supplies you put inside.

"Hunter Green" Siding
"White" Trim
"Charcoal" Shingle
Capacity: 4

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