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14×30 Kennel

Shown with the following options/upgrades: 36″x36″ windows, 4′ solid dividers, raised floor, 12 volt exhaust fan, stainless steel food/water bowls and more

Drains are typically installed at the back of the interior box by the dog door rather than in the aisle. We’ve found, when hosing down the kennel, it’s most effective to direct the water towards the outer wall. The wall acts as a backstop and channels the water into the drain. If the drain were in the feed aisle or walkway, one would be ‘chasing’ water all over the kennel with a broom to channel it toward the drain!

One more thing about the commercial dog kennel drains… Remember the polyurea floor we talked about earlier? Here’s another application where it really proves its worth. This heavy-duty floor coating acts as a fantastic seal between the drain and the subfloor of the kennel. It does a terrific job of keeping water entering the drain from seeping between the drain flange and the subfloor of the kennel.

"Navajo White" Siding
"Black" Trim
"Charcoal" Shingles
Capacity: 6

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