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8×10 Kennel

More options are available for our dog doors.

The standard dog door connecting the indoor “box” to the outdoor run is 17” wide x 20” high with other sizes available depending on your breed’s requirements. The door is mounted with a side hinge and consists of aluminum edging and a clear plexi-glass door panel (with an aluminum flange on the run side).

From inside the kennel, dogs simply push on the door to go out to the dog run. With some tasty treats and a little training, any dog can easily learn to nudge to door open using the flange to get back inside. Or, you may choose to upgrade to our “deluxe” dog door which is double hinged on the top and easily swings both ways with a simple push on the door panel.

Depending on the size/breed of your dog, you may need to go with a larger or smaller dog door. We have 5 sizes (including the standard door) ranging from 10”x 15” to 17” x 30”. Check out this handy chart to help determine which size is best for your dog. Either way, the proven design of our dog doors reduces drafts and is chew-proof and weather-proof as well.

Each prefab dog kennel also includes a screened window. The window on our ‘Traditional’ kennels is an 18”x24” single pane (18”x27” for ‘Elite’ models). The commercial models include a double-paned 24”x36” window. Upgrade your regular residential dog kennel to the larger (commercial) size window and/or opt for additional windows to light up the interior with the sun’s natural rays and fresh air.

Capacity: 1
"Charcoal" Shingles
LP Smartside Siding
"White" Paint
"Black" Trim
Traditional Style Shown

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