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8×12 Kennel

Show with optional Elite gable vents & vinyl posts on run “Hunter Green” Door

Our (optional) 4’ high panels – available inside between the dog boxes or outside in the dog runs – create the feeling of a secure, protected “den” and are especially important for mothers with pups. Highly excitable or dog-aggressive canines may also benefit from having an area of reduced visual stimulation and exposure to kennel mates.

The panel is positioned so there is less than 1” between the bottom of the panel and the floor reducing contact with the dog next door. Why not just put the panel all the way down to the floor? Allowing space facilitates better cleaning as waste and water flow to a shared kennel drain rather than building up or getting stuck against the wall.

Capacity: 1
"Cedar" Stain
"Forest Green" Shingles
Board & Batten Siding
Traditional Style Shown

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