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8×10 Kennel

Our standard kennel wire is a zinc/galvanized 11.5 gauge 2” chain link.  This is used on both the interior box and exterior run panels as well as the hinged gate panels to these areas.  This type of wire is perfectly suitable for most dogs.  If you have concerns about corrosion from dog urine, we recommend upgrading to our vinyl-coated chain link.

All wire panels are installed so there is minimal space between the bottom of the panel and the dog run or box.    Additionally, the tops of all panel frame posts are capped with a rounded metal finial so there are no exposed sharp edges. The chain link is securely fastened to the metal panel frame reducing the risk of a dog pulling it loose or pushing it up to slip underneath.  Heavy metal strapping, secured with a screw and nut, attaches the panels to the uprights of the panel frame and keeps everything tight.  This prohibits paws (or jaws!) from getting underneath, or between, and prevents injury or escape with the added benefit of keeping unwelcome ‘visitors’ from breaking in.

Capacity: 1
“Charcoal” Shingles
“Cream” Vinyl Siding
“Red” Trim
Traditional Style Shown

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