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8×12 Kennel

Show with optional Elite gable vents “Beige” Door

Our Number 1 upgrade is electrical. Having light inside is super important and extends your productive kennel time well beyond normal daylight hours. Adding a robust electrical system makes all manner of ‘creature comforts’ available for your beloved pet, show dog or working K9. Horizon Structures offers these popular electrical system add-ons:

You may also want to use your electrical system for clippers, dryers, a radio, small fridge, intercom… the possibilities are endless! Although you can certainly have a local electrician install a system after your pre-built kennel is delivered, It’s so much easier to have put it in as the kennel is being built.

Capacity: 1
"Walnut Brown" Shingles
LP Smartside Siding
"Red" Paint
"Beige" Trim
Elite Style Shown

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