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8×10 Kennel

Shown with optional octagon window, wooden slat shutters vinyl post covers

Our electrical systems meet NEC standards which means:

  • System is installed/inspected/signed off by a certified electrician
  • Everything is grounded
  • All wiring is in metal conduit
  • All outlets are GFI protected
  • #6 outside ground wire protection

As a standalone building, the kennel is protected from lightning – i.e. won’t back feed into the house (*requires onsite installation of a ground rod by local electrician doing finishing connections AFTER delivery)

1 ¼” PVC conduit on 100 amp panel accessible from below for local hook-up/access point. Call our office at 888-447-4337 to discuss your kennel’s electrical needs. One of our project managers will help you configure the proper system to handle your requirements

Capacity: 1
"Walnut Brown" Shingles
LP Smartside Siding "Navajo White" Siding
"Buckskin" Trim
Elite Style Shown

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