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Jen and David M – We were very impressed with your shed delivery.

Hi Eva,
We were very impressed with your shed delivery.  The driver was very skilled, very careful, and enormously competent. He was able to place the run in sheds exactly where we wanted, without any drama.  And I have to say, one of the run in shed locations was quite high up on a hill!

Any lingering questions/fears I have with the barn delivery have been completely abated.

Also, by delivering the sheds early, we were able to pass it over the location of the barn.  Had we waited until after the 15th the sono tubes would have made this route impossible and we would have had to drive over our leach field.  So, thank you for that.

Here is picture of it heading up the hill.  Trust me, it is a lot steeper than it looks in the photo.

Thank you!

Jen and David M
South Woodstock, VT

We will be transferring you to our 'sister' company – Stoltzfus Structures.