The Grand Teton Pavilion

As spectacular as the French-Canadian named mountain range in Wyoming, the powder-coated strapping combined with the complex substantial design of The Grand Teton timber frame pavilion give rise to romantic thoughts of historic Western adventure.

The Warmest of Welcomes

The bold statement manifested in the large, curved timbers and structural complexity in this big timber pavilion suggests use as the consummate structure for a gathering for a grand outdoor barbeque with family and friends, outdoor sporting venue event, or use in a country park setting.

Standard Features & Options of a Grand Teton Pavilion


Eave Overhang

Gable Overhang

Stain Colors

Ceiling of Timber Frame Pavilion

Wood Ceiling

ROOF TYPE Standing Seam

Roof Material

Additional Grand Teton Specifications

Post Sizes

Roof Pitch


Whatever The Weather. Whatever The Reason.

Outdoor living adds incredible value to your lifestyle. The Grand Teton big timber pavilion adds grandeur to any property and provides an amazing ambience with its substantial presence.

The Spirit of Community

Nothing can compare to the memories created when friends, family and community gather together. Good times are made great times by providing just the right location to enjoy them. Whether it’s your own backyard or a public garden, The Grand Teton build is a walk in the park for our experienced crews.

The Grand Teton big timber pavilion offers beauty and substance with Western flair. Saddle up for fun times and fond memories.

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