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What’s So Cool About Raising Chickens

You have probably seen a growing trend in backyard chickens. They’re in the country, they’re in the suburbs, they’re taking over. If you still do not know why chickens are becoming the new number one pet, here are some reasons and benefits of raising chickens.

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It’s Been A Year

Mike Rinier from Horizon Structures has shared a few thoughts on his work with us after a year. Read on to find out what he loves about Horizon Structures!

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Inspiration For Us All

This speech was given by Paul Harvey in 1978 for a Ram Trucks Super Bowl ad. Read it for some motivation and appreciation for what farmers do every day.

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The Right Stall Size

Are you thinking about building a horse stall and wondering, “How big should a horse stall be?”? Find the answers you need from Horizon Structures.

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