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20×60 Kennel

Shown with the following options/upgrades: metal siding, metal roof, welded wire panels, 36″x40″ double hung windows, 24″ dog doors, electrical package, exhaust fan, ceiling fans, 4′ solid dividers, stainless steel food/water bowls, AC and more

The Loft option is a convenient way to add more storage or workspace to any custom dog kennel.  We accomplish this by reducing the full-height interior dog box to a 4’ high dog box and adding a poly ‘shelf’ or cover over it.

Use this “shelf” as a workspace.  Or, use it to store food, toys and supplies.  If you run a grooming salon, boarding facility or doggie daycare, this area is a great place to keep each individual dog’s food, toys, leash, bedding, etc. organized and near the dog it belongs to.

Another benefit of the loft is that it makes it easier for a dog to self-regulate the temperature of his “den” by reducing the size of the space.

"White" Metal Roof
"Light Stone" Metal Siding
"Colonial Red" Trim
Capacity: 12

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