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12×18 Traditional Triple Dog Kennel

Shown with the following options/upgrades: 9-lite prehung door (painted), welded wire panels, 4′ high solid dividers, drain, stainless steel food/water bowls and more

This 12×18 Traditional Triple Dog Kennel from Horizon Structures is the preferred option for multi-pet owners who need a professional-grade structure for multiple dogs to call “home.” This spacious kennel features three 4’x5’ insulated boxes as well as three covered, 4’x10’ runs for plenty of outdoor space.

Those who care for multiple dogs at once know that an easy-to-clean design is a must have for any large kennel. This is why this commercial kennel is made with 1”x6” PVC decking on all of the runs. This material is non-absorbent and easy-to-clean, meaning you can sweep it, hose it or scrub it.

Plus, this is the perfect kennel to house our NEC-standard approved electrical systems. Here is what is included in our standard kennel electrical package:

  • An electrical system that is installed and inspected by a certified electrician
  • Metal conduit wiring
  • Completely grounded electrical outlets
  • All GFI protected outlets
  • #6 outside ground wire protection

This electrical upgrade gives you the option to add features such as a refrigerator, air conditioning, heating and more. If you have specific electrical questions regarding this package, you can call us at 1-888-447-4337 for more information on our electrical installations.

"Navajo White" Siding
"Buckskin" Trim
"Walnut Brown" Shingles
Capacity: 3

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