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14×24 Kennel

Shown with the following options/upgrades: metal siding, metal roof, 9-lite prehung door, raised floor, welded wire panels, 4′ high solid dividers, electrical package, ceiling fans, exhaust fan and more

Dealing with Dog Waste

Kennels come standard with a polyurea floor inside the dog box and composite decking outside in the dog runs.
Both are easily cleaned with soap/cleaner of your choice, water and scrubbing with a stiff brush

Drain is installed (when the kennel is built) at the back of the box, against the (exterior) wall just below the dog door
Continuous drain extends across multiple boxes for the entire length of the structure
Water, urine and cleaner can be hosed and/or swept into the drain which is connected to a channel under the kennel (solid waste should be picked up and removed)
When the kennel is built, the polyurea flooring is applied not only to the floor but also down into the drain channel creating a seamless, water-proof surface
The top plate of the drain – when screwed tightly down on to the polyurea floor – creates a tight seal between the stainless-steel plate and the flooring below (which extends into the drain channel)
The polyurea-coated drain channel (approx. 3 ½” deep x 3 ½” wide) runs under the kennel. Built-in channel outlets (spaced every 6’) connect to a PVC pipe which carries the liquid to the end of the kennel for collection or further drainage away from the structure
Kennel Exterior:

Our prefab kennels are typically placed on a stone/gravel pad which inherently provides absorption and drainage for rain, snow and liquid waste
Standard exterior dog run flooring is a composite decking material
Liquid will drain through spaces between the deck boards and run off – under the chain link or welded wire panels -through the sides and front of the dog run (solid waste should be picked up and removed)
For kennels placed on a cement pad (which does not have the drainage properties of gravel) we recommend the following…
Standard composite dog run decking: Installation of a drain system similar to the interior dog box
Upgrade dog run decking to our Tenderfoot wire flooring with raised floors and exterior wash down channel
Waste falls through the wire flooring onto the wash down tray
Wash down tray extends the length of the kennel under the raised run floor
Waste is hosed off the tray and runs out through an opening at both ends of the dog runs for collection/removal or further drainage away from the structure

"Charcoal" Metal Roof
"Clay" Metal Siding
"Charcoal" Trim
Capacity: 7

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