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12×24 Kennel

This 6-dog outdoor kennel with run is shown with the following options/upgrades: metal roof, 4′ high solid dividers and more

If you need a commercial dog kennel that seriously does it all, take a look at this 12’x24’ kennel. Designed with commercial needs in mind, this expansive dog kennel not only includes six individual dog runs and boxes, but a center hall feed room as well.

This kennel measures 12’x24’ in total and can be configured for 4 or 6 dogs.  Same footprint.  Larger dog boxes and runs if needed.  Perfectly sized boxes and runs to house more – or fewer –  dogs in the same overall space.

The unique design of this dog run allows for more separation between dogs with three runs on each side of the structure. This isn’t the only feature that stands out with this commercial dog kennel either.

Shown here with optional 4’ high solid dividers inside.  Dividers can also be added to the exterior runs.  Or choose to stay with the standard chain link panels for canine socialization.  Mix and match panel types to completely customize your kennel.  Create individualized dog areas where separation or isolation may be needed in some areas but not all.

Here’s what else you can expect with this commercial structure:

  • Six 4’x4’ insulated dog boxes
  • Four single pane 18”x23” screened exterior windows
  • Standard size fiberglass door
  • Six 4’x6’ covered outdoor run
  • 100% natural pine siding
  • Non-toxic, easy-clean flooring
  • Chew-deterring welded wire fencing in all runs

We know that a lot goes into finding the perfect outdoor kennels for multiple dogs. Make sure they have the best of the best with spacious, commercial kennel from Horizon Structures.

"Pewter Gray" Metal Roof
"Light" Gray Siding
"Dark Gray" Trim
Capacity: 6

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