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10×24 Shed / Kennel Combo

Also available in 10×20 & 10×18. These sizes reduce the shed portion, not the kennel area.

As one of our largest and most impressive residential canine structures, there is a lot to love about this 10×20 shed/kennel. This expansive backyard building features several designated areas, including an over 18-foot-long storage shed with windows and an easy-access 5-foot double door.

Of course, this shed also features plenty of room for your canine companion. This includes a 4’x5 insulated box that comes with its own storage loft. Finally, there is a 6’x10’ covered run for your dog to enjoy protected outdoor living. In addition to the unique layout of this storage shed, this structure has a number of additional features, including:

  • Multiple doors and compartments for multi-use function
  • 30-Year architectural shingles
  • Easy-clean design
  • Poly decking underneath the run
  • Non-toxic polyurea flooring
  • Flexible dog door with stainless, chew-deterring edging
  • 18”x 23” single pane window with screens

While this structure may be large, it is still easy to clean and care for. This is all thanks to the use of GlasbordTM paneling used in this shed/kennel combo. This material is used in many commercial settings and is highly resistant to mold and moisture.

This material also won’t support bacterial growth, won’t corrode and is resistant to most chemicals. Just wipe it clean to keep this product looking its best! Plus, this material is super sanitary, meaning happier and healthier dogs!

Capacity: 1
"Walnut Brown" Shingles
"Buckskin" Paint
"Chestnut" Trim
Traditional Style Shown

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