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8×14 Kennel

If you have an XL pooch on your hands, then you need an XL kennel fit for colossal canine. This is just what you will get with this oversized 8×14 outdoor kennel. This kennel features a unique two-part kennel box that has both a 4’x6’ insulated dog box and a separate 4’x6’ feed room. This not only makes it easier to keep your pet’s space clean but gives you some indoor space for a bit of storage. This kennel also boasts a covered 8’x8’ run for your dog to enjoy their own outdoor space.

One of the many things that makes this kennel stand out is durable roof, which features a sturdy 2×4 header to increase its load-bearing capability. Thanks to this shingled roof, your dog will have year-round shade and protection from the elements, even when they are enjoying fresh air outside.

This dog kennel is shown with pine board and batten siding and features a beautiful and natural stain on it that is sure to compliment your property.

Additional Features Your Pet Will Love:

  • 30-Year architectural shingles
  • Insulated fiberglass door with keyed lock
  • Poly decking flooring in the run
  • Non-toxic polyurea flooring in the feed room and insulated box
  • Flexible dog door with stainless edging
  • 18”x 23” single pane window with screens

When your pampered pet needs an equally special outdoor kennel, this 8×14 structure is sure to fit the bill. Put this custom-designed kennel on your property as-is or upgrade it to include our comprehensive electrical system and bring even more features to your dog’s new home.

Capacity: 1
"Walnut Brown" Shingles
Pine Board & Batten Siding
Traditional Style Shown

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