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8×20 Shed / Kennel Combo

If you’re at all familiar with Horizon Structures, you know that ALL our dog houses for sale and other buildings are made-to-order. That means there’s always plenty of opportunity to customize.  Our extensive list of options makes it easier than ever to do just that.  Let’s take a look…

Most of our custom dog kennel layouts consist of a single row of kennels along one side of the building with a walkway/feed alley on the opposite side.  There are several simple reasons for this design…

  • Size limitations for over-the-road transportation of prefab buildings dictate this layout as the best way to make the most effective use of space.
  • This layout reduces the noise of dogs barking across an aisle at each other.
Capacity: 1
"Charcoal" Shingles
"Light Gray" Paint
"White" Trim
Elite Style Shown

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