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Maria S. – I can tell our pets are happy and comfortable in their kennel.

We have the 12×18 kennel and we have been very pleased with it thus far. It is everything we expected it to be. The construction is very solid, and all the materials used are high quality. The flooring inside and outside is easy to clean and maintain. The kennel is insulated and is always a comfortable climate. We have peace of mind now that we do not have to worry about the dogs during times of extreme temperatures. There is weather sealing inside, further protecting our pets from the elements. There is also generous storage space inside for dog food and other supplies, which frees up space in our home.

In our previous home we had a large shed where we kept tools and other equipment. We tried to outfit the shed as a dog shelter, but it was not ideal due to the lack of insulation. During extreme temperatures we could not keep it sufficiently comfortable, so we would bring the dogs into our home, which we generally prefer not to do. We also had a dog house, but like the shed it was inadequate in severe heat and cold. When we moved, we had the idea to research dog kennels and came across Horizon Structures. It was a good idea because the kennel is infinitely better than any dog shelter we have ever had.

I can tell our pets are happy and comfortable in their kennel. They spend a fair amount of time outside, but when it is time to call it a day they eagerly head for their home. We are dog people and will always have dogs, but we also want to keep our home clean and pet-hair free. This was a great investment for our family and provided an ideal situation for us and for our pets for many years to come.

Maria S.
Aledo, TX

We will be transferring you to our 'sister' company – Stoltzfus Structures.