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Ready to Build – Start Here


Ready to Build – Start Here

Hey Folks.
I know we normally talk about our products and the features of them.  I’ve tried to give some tips on how to take care of our equine friends during extreme heat and weather as well as offer some insight in to our other products for you.
Now it’s time to go over a few things to help you get that building, barn or kennel that you are looking for.
We all know that spending money for anything the size of a large garage or barn is more of an investment these days.  Hopefully this short blog will help you feel a bit more at ease when starting to make those decisions.
A priority question for most people when it comes time to consider such a project is where do I start?
While that answer may be the easiest one.  Words like barn, garage, coop roll of the tongue pretty quick,
start with the basics out of the blocks and don’t make things crazy.  Here are a few suggestions.
*How much room do I have for my barn or garage?
*How many stalls do I need or garage bays would be best? Even when considering your new coop, plan to give them plenty of room.  It seems most people like to add chickens after their initial purchase.
Next, I would suggest making a list of things that are the most important to you. Windows, doors, skylights, exterior finish and even garage doors with glass or without.
Please note that once you’ve gotten to this point, start surfing around on and you will see that most of our categories have galleries to view previous jobs we have done.  This is a great place to look at features on other buildings and start those creative juices flowing.  Here is a link to our 1 car 1 story
Now, as your brain is probably beginning that slow bubble to boil phase from information overload.  Keep calm, and rest easy with the fact that you may see features in these galleries of barns and garages that you like but then say “well that garage is this size but I only need that size for my needs” .  That is the great part.  You do indeed have the ability to mix and match features to sizes.  This is when making that list of important features to you comes in to play.  Let that be your guide to keep you on track. Even though you may not see something you want on our website, that does not mean that we cannot make it happen for you.
Now that you have a good part of the blanks filled in on that list, I would suggest that you call us here at Horizon Structures (610.593.7710) and let us work through some of the remaining questions you may have.
Floor types in garages and overhangs on your shed rows are popular questions.  And many people will ask “where can I place my doors and windows in a garage?”  The answer to something like that is simple. Anywhere you want them.  Other questions such as “can I add windows?”  Or, “can the stalls have dutch doors going out the back?” are not uncommon, and the answer will continue to be most likely yes.
At this point, after finalizing the features for your new structure we are able to produce a quote for you that will show you those features and we will work with you to help get the building that will bring those ideas and features to reality.
Now this may seem like the short and sweet version of this whole barn building plan process and there are still drawings, permits and all the small details left to go through. Rest assured that we will work with you along the way and be there for you after the sale.
Below you will find a link to explain the shed and garage building plan process a bit more.  And if you do get on our website and get a bit lost.  Give us a call without fear and we’ll walk you around the site to help you get the information that you need.  There is a lot of information on there to chew on.  But behind that website is a staff that is willing and ready to help you along the way from site-prep to delivery date.

Have a great summer.

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Horizon Structures is now the industry’s leader in quality built horse barns, horse stables and run-in sheds. The high level of craftsmanship in our Amish built barns, horse stables, storage buildings, sheds and garages provide for a long lasting structure that comes with our Written Guarantee.

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