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Convenient Canine Comfort on a Roll – Kennels for Professionals

Commercial kennel needs run the gamut from breeding to boarding facilities to K9 kennel systems, Military Working Dogs (MWD), and other service dog operations. All animals need a great place to hunker down when not on duty. And amazingly, bringing home the best of all things kennel is easier to do than ever.

Simply locate a suitable site, online purchase a kennel (take advantage of the General Services Administration / GSA) through experienced specialist personnel on hand and allow 1-2 hours to 1-2 days setup once kennel is delivered depending on the scale of the mission.

The transport needs of the kennel unit purchased are straightforward as modular kennel builds are designed with forethought to how to avoid costly extra permit costs for road use in their size and shape.

Attendees at popular events such as the K-9 Cop Magazine Conference held in Nashville, TN, each September, are often surprised to learn about the ease with which a full canine comfort set up can be accomplished and the timeline in which it can be executed. Even the service folks that nobly patrol our roads are slightly confounded to learn that large K9 kennel systems can be moved from A to B without fuss or stress direct from a factory build to the final site.

Of course, in the world of K9, MWD and the like, there is always the chance that a kennel set up will need to be moved as needs require during future years. The ability to pick up a kennel and transport it elsewhere with appropriate payment of freight costs to the same manufacturer that produced it in the first place, make a modular kennel truly a win/win situation.

Time is often of the essence when it comes to getting a new operation off the ground, or when upgrading an existing kennel facility that may be expanding or simply need renovating out of the dark ages of ill-lit concrete boxes, limited headroom for human caregivers and rusted fencing. Modern day sturdy K9 kennel systems build units offer easy-clean and care solutions that are a pleasure to use, providing exemptional canine comfort.

Not every commercial kennel that is produced as a modular unit is the same. And obviously when it comes to guidance and availability for custom design features it is essential to choose a company to collaborate with that has the knowledge and know-how to get the job done and the job done right.

Retired working dogs that have given their best days of service and now require a home, are not always a welcome addition to family life despite best efforts to move them into the hands of citizens, no matter how much re-training is enacted with the animal in question. The hero canine population deserves the best of care during their retirement. Whether dogs are young and finish their careers earlier than planned due to injury or mental burn-out/PTSD, or in their vintage years well past due for retirement, they all deserve a soft landing. Many such facilities are provided by modular builds for good reason.

Paperwork is the bane of most dog trainers, and administrative tasks often take valuable time away from training schedules and other personnel duties. Funding for a new canine housing and development of a training project is often light on the ground, and working within budget parameters is also an important facet to getting the green light to move forward on a new kennel and training/housing location for service animals.

A modular build from an approved and experienced GSA manufacturer or supplier, can ease the burden and make the task a joy rather than an arduous and stressful experience. Along with the ‘to the penny’ pricing and ability to add and subtract features from the build as required to meet the budgetary concerns, the modular route ensures no financial surprises and a known end product.

GSA is a huge help to ensuring best pricing for local, state and federal purchasing agents, as well as keeping everything on track for funding and following regulatory criteria that can sometimes be overlooked by the kennel buyer until down the road. It is wise to resource a company that operates with a staff that is knowledgeable about GSA programs. The nuances are many, and unwarranted delays can result from a lack of expertise in this arena. It is always a smart move to engage the services of personnel experienced in GSA order processing, and if possible, work one on one with a specific individual as a Project Manager, that can ensure that everything required is handled in a timely and effective manner.

If you are a purchasing agent for a local, state or federal agency, consider posting a Request for Information or a Request for Quote through the Federal GSA procurement website: This platform enables you to solicit pricing from vetted suppliers as well as receive information on kennel options you may not have been aware of.

Location of the manufacturer used to limit access to modular kennel builds, but this is no longer an issue. Regardless of where you are located, nationwide service including delivery and set up is now available. Leaders in the realm of commercial kennel production are well aware that sometimes projects for MWD and other service animals do not occur just in a city suburb on one coast or another.

Look for a manufacturer that operates facilities nationwide, that can address the timelines you need. Though obviously planning ahead is required, there are times during emergencies when an immediate need arises. Don’t be shy to ask for special help when needed. Larger manufacturers can often produce a temporary solution to a need on spec. This is a valuable service, and repeat clients are common within the world of commercial kennels. Relationships forged through difficult times often create a unique bond that can be relied on for future requirements.

Climate variances can play a role in how the kennel itself is crafted. Look for add-on features such as A/C, heat and quick clean up and drainage options. The construction company should have the facilities to produce a selection of upgrades and design choices. As well as varietal material components for siding/roofing etc. and a pleasing aesthetic to the kennel as well as a totally functional unit that offers longevity and durability for high traffic use.

It is interesting to talk with the construction company staff themselves that play a pinnacle role on how an order for the commercial kennels for service uses are realized. Playing a part, regardless of how large or small, is often a true highlight to their working life. You can anticipate that with the right company the staff will go that extra mile to help out.

As with any investment and project, do your due diligence, and research the product line and testimonials/references properly. The contracts should be clearly worded and easy to understand. Many of the events held nationwide in the K-9, MWD and canine services arena that offer training symposiums and conference settings will also include vendors within the space. Check them out. Though online options are also now very freely accessible, there truly is nothing like kicking the tires.

In today’s market one of the leading producers of commercial kennels (that also offer GSA for government needs both large and small, from the Department of Defense to local county animal shelters), is Horizon Structures, based in Atglen, PA. With shipment available nationwide the company currently provides top quality kennels to a myriad of government entities to business owners. Want some inspiration from other canine care professionals for your kennel compound. Here are some one on one case studies that detail different canine programs across the country.

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