12×26 Kennel

The 5/8” Smartfloor is manufactured using a treated wood stand technology that produces exceptional durability as well as resistance to fungal decay and insect damage.  To further enhance dog-friendliness, we cover the entire interior floor of the kennel – dog boxes AND the feed alley/walkway – with a seamless, durable and waterproof polyurea coating.

What is polyurea and why do you want it in your custom outdoor dog kennel? The properties of this product match up so well with the wear and tear a dog can put on its living space and your efforts and desire to maintain it as a safe, clean and comfortable environment that we simply couldn’t have chosen a more perfect material.

Polyurea is an ideal floor coating for our pre-built dog kennels because of these properties:

  • Seamless, durable, waterproof rubberized plastic
  • Stretchy & malleable with the ability to “self heal” small areas of damage
  • Corrosion and abrasion resistant
  • Moisture resistant
  • Superior tensile strength
  • Outstanding adherence
  • Works well in a wide range of temperature and humidity environments
  • Slip resistant
  • Non-toxic

14×30 Kennel

Drains are typically installed at the back of the interior box by the dog door rather than in the aisle. We’ve found, when hosing down the kennel, it’s most effective to direct the water towards the outer wall. The wall acts as a backstop and channels the water into the drain. If the drain were in the feed aisle or walkway, one would be ‘chasing’ water all over the kennel with a broom to channel it toward the drain!

One more thing about the commercial dog kennel drains… Remember the polyurea floor we talked about earlier? Here’s another application where it really proves its worth. This heavy-duty floor coating acts as a fantastic seal between the drain and the subfloor of the kennel. It does a terrific job of keeping water entering the drain from seeping between the drain flange and the subfloor of the kennel.

14×24 Kennel

Dealing with Dog WasteRead More

Large outdoor dog kennels come standard with a polyurea floor inside the dog box and composite decking outside in the dog runs. Both are easily cleaned with soap/cleaner of your choice, water and scrubbing with a stiff brush

  • Drain is installed (when the kennel is built) at the back of the box, against the (exterior) wall just below the dog door
  • Continuous drain extends across multiple boxes for the entire length of the structure
    Water, urine and cleaner can be hosed and/or swept into the drain which is connected to a channel under the kennel (solid waste should be picked up and removed)
  • When the kennel is built, the polyurea flooring is applied not only to the floor but also down into the drain channel creating a seamless, water-proof surface
  • The top plate of the drain – when screwed tightly down on to the polyurea floor – creates a tight seal between the stainless-steel plate and the flooring below (which extends into the drain channel)
  • The polyurea-coated drain channel (approx. 3 ½” deep x 3 ½” wide) runs under the kennel. Built-in channel outlets (spaced every 6’) connect to a PVC pipe which carries the liquid to the end of the kennel for collection or further drainage away from the structure

Kennel Exterior:

Our prefab kennels are typically placed on a stone/gravel pad which inherently provides absorption and drainage for rain, snow and liquid waste

  • Standard exterior dog run flooring is a composite decking material
  • Liquid will drain through spaces between the deck boards and run off – under the chain link or welded wire panels -through the sides and front of the dog run (solid waste should be picked up and removed)
  • For kennels placed on a cement pad (which does not have the drainage properties of gravel) we recommend the following…
    • Standard composite dog run decking: Installation of a drain system similar to the interior dog box
    • Upgrade dog run decking to our Tenderfoot wire flooring with raised floors and exterior wash down channel
    • Waste falls through the wire flooring onto the wash down tray
    • Wash down tray extends the length of the kennel under the raised run floor
    • Waste is hosed off the tray and runs out through an opening at both ends of the dog runs for collection/removal or further drainage away from the structure

12×42 Kennel

Many of the prefab dog kennels pictured on our site show dog food and water dishes both inside in the dog box and outside in the dog run. Each chew-proof stainless-steel bowl has a generous 3-quart capacity. They’re sanitary and easy to clean.

You may be thinking this is a frivolous option and that you’ll get your own bowls. Hold that thought… Look closely and you’ll see that there’s more to these bowls then first meets the eye. We’ve modified the panel – whether it be the run divider or the kennel gate – and included a welded-on metal frame to hold the bowls in place. Look even closer and you see a metal spring holding each bowl tightly in place.

Feeding time just got a whole lot easier!

  • Accessing the bowls from OUTSIDE the kennel = no more “fighting” with hungry, rambunctious dogs!
  • No more spilled food or water = Reduce mess and waste!
  • Feeding time is FAST. Simply go down the aisle with food and water – 1,2,3. Everyone’s fed and watered in a snap.
  • No retrieving bowls from kennels. All bowls held firmly in place – no tipping, sliding or slopping!
  • Clean up is quick, too. Just unfasten the spring, the bowls slide out of the frame. Snap back in just as quickly!

12×24 Kennel

The pine siding is a 100% natural product and available with either a board & batten or tongue & groove finish. This dog house for sale is a great choice for those interested in a more rustic appearance. Stain is included and we have a number of colors to choose from.  See stain colors HERE.

Both LP Smartside and pine siding are comparable in performance and longevity.  Don’t like any of our colors?  We are able to color match either paint or stain for a small upcharge.  Looking for NO MAINTENANCE?  Metal (view color choices HERE) and vinyl siding (view color choices HERE) upgrades are also available!

What’s inside the kennel – and inside the walls – is just as important as what’s outside!  Our kennel side walls are approximately 6’4” high setting the stage for plenty of headroom inside.  When you factor in the space above –  a generous 6/12 pitch for ‘Traditional’ models, 7/12 pitch for ‘Elite’ models or the spacious cathedral ceiling on our commercial kennels – the overall height of the structure rises above 9 feet.  It wouldn’t be a stretch to use the word ‘cavernous’ to describe the feeling inside this prefab dog kennel.

12×22 Kennel

Under the floor, an R-7 spray foam insulation adds yet another level of protection against mold and moisture.  It creates an air-tight / water-tight barrier – that completely eliminates drafts – with little to no deterioration over the life of the building.  Additionally, this tightly sealing insulation encapsulates radiant floor heat pipes should you choose this upgrade.

What about the flooring outside the kennel?  There are many choices for dog run surfaces.  Most common are concrete or gravel.  While concrete is easy to clean, the freeze/thaw cycle may cause it to crack, buckle and break over time.  Additionally, it may cause callouses, worn pads, splayed toes or painful joints for dogs.  Gravel is difficult – if not impossible – to hose off and keep clean and may encourage dogs to dig.  These problems are a ‘non-issue’ with a Horizon Structures pre-built dog kennel where the dog run is part of the overall structure

12×18 Traditional Triple Dog Kennel

The floors of our dog runs are made of 1” x 6” PVC deckingThis material is non-absorbent and easy to clean.  Hose it, scrub it or sweep it.  Water runs off and it dries quickly.  Our construction ensures no exposed edges which eliminates chewing.  And, it’s virtually impossible for dogs to dig through.  The properties of the material insure it’s cooler in summer and warmer in winter.  An all-around better choice for dogs!

The prefab dog kennel structure itself is quality from the inside out.  Standard siding choices include 7/16” LP Smartside or natural pine.  Whether natural or manufactured, both siding choices make the most of wood’s natural insulating properties (Compare HERE).  LP Smartside is strong and durable.  It resists dents, cracks, warping, fungal rot, decay and termites.  It is very low maintenance and comes painted.  You choose siding and trim colors from our list of popular choices.  The number of trim/siding color combinations is endless and sure to match any home and/or outbuildings already on your property.

See paint siding/trim color choices HERE.