12×32 Kennel

Here at Horizon Structures, we know that every customer has their own unique needs when it comes to their outdoor kennels. When you need to easily house six dogs at once for personal or professional purposes—then you need a kennel designed to keep up with the job. This is just what you will get with our spacious 12’ x 32’ kennel.


This is a popular option for commercial customers who need extra storage as this kennel comes with an 8’ x 12’ lobby area and six individual runs and boxes. Each run features a 4’x5’ outdoor run and a 4’x’4’ dog box. There is even a 30” feeding aisle with this kennel designed to help keep runs clean and sanitary.


This particular structure is also perfect for adding some of our most popular upgrades including:


  • Electrical package
  • Exhaust fans
  • Interior drains for easy cleaning
  • Exterior entrance lights
  • 4’ solid kennel dividers for added privacy
  • Hose ports
  • Deluxe dog doors
  • Commercial-grade sink
  • Upgraded metal roof


And, of course, this commercial kennel, like all our structures, is made out of high-quality, residential-grade materials, similar to those you would expect in your own home, so you can rest assured you are getting a structure that will last.

14×30 Kennel

Here at Horizon Structures, we not only pride ourselves on our beautiful, durable dog kennels, but on our smart designs that help making housing multiple animals at once a breeze. This is why we love our 14×30 Commercial Dog Kennel.

This particular kennel is shown with metal roof and siding upgrade. It can easily house five dogs and provide each animal with their own indoor and outdoor space. The specific kennel shown here has numerous optional upgrades as well, including an electrical package, oversized 36”x36”and 20”x40” slider windows radiant floor heat and more.

Of course, this kennel also comes with a number of other standard features as well including:

  • Non-toxic poly decking under the run
  • Easy-to-clean design
  • Safe polyurea flooring in the kennel boxes
  • Flexible dog door between the box and run with stainless, chew-proof edging

All of these smart, durable features mean you can buy with confidence knowing this kennel is durable enough to last, no matter how many dogs need to call your new kennel “home.”

14×24 Kennel

There is a lot that goes into housing multiple dogs. And in order to keep everyone safe and comfortable—you need the right kennel to house them in. If you need enough space for seven dogs at once, this 14’x24’ shed is a great option.

This expansive outdoor kennel features three 4’x4’ dog boxes and 4’x6’ dog runs as well as four 3’x3’ boxes with attached 3’x6’ dog runs for seven total spaces. It also has a 5’ feed alley that can double as an extra storage space.

Another feature that commercial owners will love is the easy-clean flooring options. With a lot of dogs, you are going to spend a lot of time cleaning, so we want to make the process as easy on you as possible!

  • Inside the kennel you will find polyurea flooring, which is hygienic, durable and easy to clean.
  • Outside the kennel you will find composite decking which is also easy-to-clean with soap and water and designed to allow liquid to drain through the deck boards.

In addition to the unique flooring options, this kennel comes with other standard features that our customers have come to expect. This includes 30-year architectural shingles, single pane windows, keyed fiberglass “man door” and durable welded wire fencing in the runs. Together with these features, you can feel good knowing all of the animals you care for will have a clean and spacious place to call “home.”

12×42 Kennel

If you have lots of dogs on your hands, then you need an XL kennel designed with multiples in mind! This is just what you will get with this oversized 12×42 Commercial Dog Kennel. This kennel features eight separate dog boxes and eight attached outdoor runs, so each dog has their own dedicated indoor and outdoor space.

One of the many things that makes this kennel stand out is the durable food bowls we use here at Horizon Structures—which are a must-have when housing multiple pets. These food and water dishes can be found both inside the dog box and outside in the dog run and include the following features:

  • Chew-proof, stainless-steel design
  • 3-quart capacity bowls
  • Sanitary and easy-to-clean design
  • Bowls with welded-on metal frame to hold bowls in place
  • Designed to eliminate spilled food and water, reducing mess and waste
  • Easy clean-up design with bowls that slide out of and slide into their frame

When you need to house lots of dogs at once but want to make sure each pooch has their own place to call home—there is no better option than this eight-dog kennel. Put this custom-designed kennel on your property as-is or upgrade it to include our comprehensive electrical system and bring even more features to your new outdoor structure!

12×36 Kennel

There is a lot to love about this spacious 12’x36’ commercial structure. The size is perfect for breeders, rescues, groomers and trainers alike thanks to its unique design. With its modern dark gray siding, white trim, and charcoal shingles, this timeless design is sure to give off a polished and professional look. This particular commercial kennel has six separate boxes and runs as well as a 6’ wide aisle down the center.

Like all of our quality structures, this kennel comes with our signature, durable roof made of asphalt shingles that add extra insulating properties to help keep all of the dogs you house nice and warm in the winter and cool and comfortable in the summer.

These aren’t the only features you will find in our kennel roofs either. Here are other features that come standard in our premium kennel roofs:

  • 7/16” TechShield radiant barrier sheathing
  • Felt paper roofing base
  • Snow load of 30 psi
  • 2×4 rafters spaced 16” on center
  • Wind rating of 90 mph
  • 30-year architectural shingles in your choice of color
  • Optional metal roof upgrade

Of course, the roof isn’t the only thing that makes this commercial kennel stand out. In addition to our plethora of standard features, you can easily upgrade this outdoor kennel with our electrical package, AC, heaters, drains, hose ports—or anything else you need to keep multiple dogs happy, safe and healthy!

12×32 Kennel

If you need space for lots of dogs, you need an industrial-style kennel that is up for the job. This is where the Horizon Structures 12×32 Commercial Dog Kennel comes in. This custom-built kennel comes with eight insulated 4’x4’ dog boxes and eight covered 4’x 5’ run areas.

If you really want to add all of the “creature comforts” of home to this commercial kennel, you can upgrade this structure with our state-of-the-art electrical package. This is one of our most popular ad-ons and allows you to add interior lighting, radiant flooring, air conditioners, wall mounted heaters, hot water, or exhaust fans to the space.

Having electrical systems inside the kennel also mean you can hook up clippers, dryers, speakers or anything else you may need to make caring for multiple dogs at once a breeze.

Other features of this commercial kennel include:

  • 3’ wide walkway and feed alley
  • Polyurea flooring
  • Outdoor covered dog runs
  • Single pane windows
  • Fiberglass locking man door
  • Weather-resistant Chestnut siding

Whether you are a trainer, breeder, rescue or just have a large pack, you need a durable, reliable and well-designed kennel to keep everyone safe and sound. This is just what you will get with this spacious commercial dog kennel from Horizon Structures.

12×24 Kennel

If you need a commercial dog kennel that seriously does it all, take a look at this 12’x24’ kennel. Designed with commercial needs in mind, this expansive dog kennel not only includes six individual dog runs and boxes, but a center hall feed room as well.

This kennel measures 12’x24’ in total and can be configured for 4 or 6 dogs.  Same footprint.  Larger dog boxes and runs if needed.  Perfectly sized boxes and runs to house more – or fewer –  dogs in the same overall space.

The unique design of this dog run allows for more separation between dogs with three runs on each side of the structure. This isn’t the only feature that stands out with this commercial dog kennel either.

Shown here with optional 4’ high solid dividers inside.  Dividers can also be added to the exterior runs.  Or choose to stay with the standard chain link panels for canine socialization.  Mix and match panel types to completely customize your kennel.  Create individualized dog areas where separation or isolation may be needed in some areas but not all.

Here’s what else you can expect with this commercial structure:

  • Six 4’x4’ insulated dog boxes
  • Four single pane 18”x23” screened exterior windows
  • Standard size fiberglass door
  • Six 4’x6’ covered outdoor run
  • 100% natural pine siding
  • Non-toxic, easy-clean flooring
  • Chew-deterring welded wire fencing in all runs

We know that a lot goes into finding the perfect outdoor kennels for multiple dogs. Make sure they have the best of the best with spacious, commercial kennel from Horizon Structures.

12×22 Kennel

Sometimes, you just need a little more space to house all of the dogs you are responsible for. Whether you need a kennel for your dogs, or if you are running a rescue or shelter—the right, easy-to-clean kennel is a must have. This is where this 12”x22” commercial-grade structure comes in.

This commercial dog kennel is truly heads (and tails) above the rest, thanks to a number of smart features in this structure. This includes features such as:

  • Board and batten siding with our “Natural” stain finish
  • “Weatherwood” exterior shingles.
  • Non-toxic polyurea flooring inside the kennel box
  • Pet-safe poly decking under the run
  • Single pane 18”x23” exterior window with screen

Plus, this kennel has six different runs, with both indoor and outdoor areas, so every dog has their own individual space to call their own.

Of course, we use only premium supplies, similar to those you would find in your own home, to create our Horizon Structures kennel. This means all of the dogs inside can stay warm, cozy and protected from the elements. This incudes the use of a R-7 spray foam. This insulation adds another layer of protection from mold and moisture to create an air-tight and water-tight barrier that eliminates drafts, meaning you can safely house your dogs in this kennel all year round.

12×18 Traditional Triple Dog Kennel

This 12×18 Traditional Triple Dog Kennel from Horizon Structures is the preferred option for multi-pet owners who need a professional-grade structure for multiple dogs to call “home.” This spacious kennel features three 4’x5’ insulated boxes as well as three covered, 4’x10’ runs for plenty of outdoor space.

Those who care for multiple dogs at once know that an easy-to-clean design is a must have for any large kennel. This is why this commercial kennel is made with 1”x6” PVC decking on all of the runs. This material is non-absorbent and easy-to-clean, meaning you can sweep it, hose it or scrub it.

Plus, this is the perfect kennel to house our NEC-standard approved electrical systems. Here is what is included in our standard kennel electrical package:

  • An electrical system that is installed and inspected by a certified electrician
  • Metal conduit wiring
  • Completely grounded electrical outlets
  • All GFI protected outlets
  • #6 outside ground wire protection

This electrical upgrade gives you the option to add features such as a refrigerator, air conditioning, heating and more. If you have specific electrical questions regarding this package, you can call us at 1-888-447-4337 for more information on our electrical installations.

12×16 Kennel

This beautiful tan and white kennel is a must-have for individuals who need a little more space to house multiple dogs. This commercial-grade heavy-duty outdoor dog kennel is made of ultra-durable materials, similar to those you would find in your own home, and it is organized in a way to maximize space and functionality.

This kennel has four 4’x4’ insulated boxes and four, covered 4’x5’ runs made with our hot dipped 6-gauge galvanized welded fencing. This fencing deters both climbing and chewing, making it a great option for dogs with certain destructive behaviors.

This structure also boasts a separate feeding room, which makes it easy to keep this commercial kennel clean and sanitary. The feeding room also provides extra space for storage as well.

Other Features Of This Dog Kennel:

  • Timeless white and tan design
  • LP Smartside Siding
  • “Bronze” metal roof
  • Non-toxic polyurea flooring inside the kennel box
  • Insulated fiberglass door with keyed lock

When you have multiple rescue dogs, hunting dogs, pets or dogs-in-training, the right heavy-duty kennel is a must have. And this feature-filled kennel can provide that safe space for all of the canines in your life.