10×28 Kennel

If you are looking for a durable, easy-to-clean dog kennel that truly does it all—take a look at this 10×28 Commercial Dog Kennel. Perfect for large packs of dogs, this kennel offers both indoor and outdoor living areas as well as a 5’ wide feeding alley and walkway.

Designed with long-lasting durability in mind, this traditional outdoor dog kennel will provide the canines in your life with a durable home that will keep them protected from the elements. This is truly the next best thing to keeping pets in a home with you.

We love this large sturdy dog kennel for breeders, rescues and hunting dogs as it offers plenty of space for five dogs, with designated indoor and outdoor areas. There is also an 8’x10’ lobby area where you can store food and equipment, place a utility sink and more.

Commercial Kennel Upgrades Shown Here:

  • Metal siding
  • Metal roof
  • 11-lite pre-hung door
  • 36” x 36” windows
  • Exhaust fan
  • Welded wire panels
  • 4’ high solid dividers
  • Stainless steel food and water bowls

You can also upgrade this commercial dog kennel with our 12-volt lighting package to add additional features like heat, air conditioning, refrigerators and more to this spacious commercial kennel. No matter what types of dogs you need the space for, there is no denying that this commercial kennel will provide everything your pack of pooches will need!

10×16 Kennel

If you are looking for a mid-sized outdoor kennel that can accommodate multiple dogs at once, this 10’x16’ structure is a great option. Whether you have working dogs, show dogs, rescues, hunting dogs, family pets or mothers with pups – all dog owners and handlers want the same things for their animals:  a spacious living structure that is safe, secure, clean and comfortable.

This kennel has four 4’’x4 insulated boxes and four 4’x6’ attached fenced runs. If you have a heavy chewer on your hands, you can upgrade this kennel to our 9-guage chain link, or our hot dipped 6-gauge galvanized welded wires. These are both great options to deter aggressive chewers and dedicated climbers.

In addition to providing all of your dogs with a safe place to live, this large insulated kennel features a timeless style with green paint, white trim and charcoal shingles that will look beautiful in any setting.

Additional Features You Will Love:

  • Insulated fiberglass door with keyed lock
  • 30-Year architectural shingles
  • Flexible dog door with stainless edging
  • Pressure-Treated 2×4 floor joists
  • Non-toxic polyurea flooring
  • Sturdy design designed to hold multiple dogs, equipment, supplies and more!

No matter how many dogs are in your pack, it is important that they have a safe and comfortable home with a durable outdoor kennel like this from Horizon Structures.

14×32 Traditional Kennel

When you need a traditional outdoor kennel that will house multiple dogs, but still offer them plenty of space to call their own, there are very few buildings that can compare to our 14’x32’ Double Combo Kennel. This spacious kennel is made out of the same materials and building practices used in residential houses—meaning you can count on this product to last.

This particular kennel features eight individual spaces for dogs with a 4’x5’ insulated box and 4’x6’ run for each animal. Inside the kennel you will also find a 3’ wide feed room and walkway that spans the entire length of the structure.

Each kennel and run also comes with a durable dog door that allows for easy entering and exiting. These doors are designed to reduce draft and are completely weather-proof and chew-proof, so they will always stay in pristine condition, even when you have multiple dogs at once.

Other Features Commercial Users Will Love:

  • Locking, full-size fiberglass door
  • Smart, easy-to-clean design
  • Durable, chew-resistant materials
  • Optional electrical package ad-on
  • Non-toxic poly decking under the run
  • Safe poly flooring in boxes and feed room

If you want to keep up to eight dogs safe and comfortable at once, this spacious kennel is sure to fit the bill!

14×54 Kennel

As one of our largest and most spacious commercial structures, there is a lot to love about this 14×54 Commercial dog Kennel. This impressive kennel is designed to house as many dogs as possible with 12 individual living spaces for each animal. This shed features 12 4’x’4 boxes and 12 4’x’6 attached dog runs.

This structure also has a 48” feed aisle and walkway as well as a 6’x14’ storage area for all of your dog food and accessories. In addition to the unique layout of this outdoor dog kennel, this structure has a number of additional features, including:

  • Multiple doors and compartments for multi-use function
  • 30-Year architectural shingles
  • Easy-clean design
  • Poly decking underneath the run
  • Non-toxic polyurea flooring
  • Flexible dog door with stainless, chew-deterring edging

While this structure may be large, it is still easy to clean and care for thanks to the easy-clean design. You can even opt for our pre-installed hose port which allows you to easily have water inside the kennel so you can hose out the durable coated floors in the kennel and keep everything clean and sanitary for your entire pack!

15×36 Traditional Kennel

Not all commercial dog kennels are created equal, and different customers tend to need different things with their structures. This is why we created this unique 15’x36’ structure. This kennel features a covered porch and 6’x11’ lobby that can be used for storage, or as a workspace. There are six identical living areas in this kennel each with a 4’x5’ box and an attached 4’x6’ dog run.

There is also a larger 5’x6’ box with attached 6’x6’ run that many of our breeder clients love, as it gives a little extra space for new moms and their pups.

In addition to the unique layout of this structure, this commercial dog kennel has a number of additional features, including:

  • Multiple doors and compartments for multi-use function
  • 30-Year architectural shingles
  • Easy-clean design
  • Safe, poly decking underneath the outdoor runs
  • Flexible dog door with stainless, chew-deterring edging
  • Fiberglass “man door” with locking feature

Another feature to love in this commercial dog kennel is the included polyurea flooring inside the dog boxes. This flooring is sanitary and easy-to-clean and acts as the perfect seal between the drain and subfloor of the kennel. It not only makes this kennel easy to clean with just a little soap and water, but it also prevents water from seeping in between the drain and subfloor for even more durability!

When you want a kennel that is tough enough to handle up to seven dogs, there is no better option than this durable commercial kennel from Horizon Structures.

20×60 Kennel

Breeders, trainers, groomers, and rescues who need to be able to house a lot of dogs at once, always need the right kennel to keep all of their animals safe. However, finding a big enough structure can sometimes be a challenge. This is why this 20’x60’ commercial-grade dog kennel comes in.

This 20×60 shed is large enough to house up to 12 dogs, giving each pooch their own designated indoor and outdoor space. Plus, you can easily upgrade this kennel with our options loft option that can add more storage or a workspace to your custom dog kennel. This makes it easy to store supplies, food, toys, or grooming supplies.

–        Easy-to-clean polyurea flooring

–        Separate 5’ wide feed room

–        “Human size” fiberglass door

–        Single pane windows throughout

–        12 individual 5’x5’ insulated boxes

–        12 individual 5’x10’ outdoor runs

–        Durable weatherproof-siding

In addition to being full of features, this outdoor kennel also boasts a beautiful and timeless design. This particular kennel is shown with our “Light Stone” metal siding and timeless “Colonial Red” trim. It also has an upgraded white metal roof that gives this structure a beautiful and timeless look.

24×60 Kennel

Sometimes, in order to house all of the canines in your life—you need more than just a standard kennel. As one of our largest and most impressive commercial structures, there is a lot to love about this 24×60 kennel. This expansive building features several designated areas, including a massive 12×20 lobby that can be used for storage, training, cleaning stations and more.

Of course, this structure also features plenty of designated boxes and runs with 16 separate areas each with their own 5’x6’dog run and separate 4’x5’ insulated box. This makes our massive kennel perfect for breeders, training facilities and rescues alike. Down the middle of the structure is a 48” wide feed aisle.

This particular structure can also be outfitted with a loft for even more storage. Additional optional upgrades for this kennel include:

–        Metal roof

–        Welded wire panels

–        Built-in drains

–        4’ solid kennel dividers

–        36” x 36” windows

–        Stainless steel food and water bowls

–        Vent lite pre-hung doors

–        Professionally-installed electrical package

While this structure may be large, it is still easy to clean and care for making caring for a large pack a breeze!