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8×16 Double Combo

When you need a kennel that will house multiple dogs, but still offer them plenty of space to call their own, there are very few structures that can compare to our 8×16 Double Combo Kennel. This spacious kennel is made from the same materials and building practices used in residential houses—meaning your pet will get a home that is just as sound as yours.

This particular kennel features one of our most unique designs. Inside the kennel you will find a 4’ x 8’ feed room as well as two 4’x4’ insulated boxes for your pets to sleep in. Each do will also get their own, chain-link fenced-in 4’x8’ run so each pet has their own designated indoor and outdoor space.

Other Features Pet Owners Will Love:

  • Locking, full-size fiberglass door
  • Optional electrical package
  • Non-toxic poly decking under the run
  • Smart, easy-to-clean design
  • Durable, chew-resistant materials
  • Safe polyurea flooring in boxes and feed room.

This combo kennel is also shown with our metal roof upgrade. When you want a kennel that your dogs will love just as much as you do, the larger-sized double combo structure is always a smart choice.

Capacity: 2
"Cedar" Stain
“Evergreen” Metal Roof
Pine Board & Batten Siding
Elite Style Shown

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