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Site Preparation For Footers

ON ANY HORSE BARN/RUN-IN SHED WITH AN 6', 8', 10', 12' OVERHANG or Center Aisle Horse Barn:

  • Recommend concrete "pillars" - 18" diameter, 3-4' deep and 3-4" above ground level. Backfill with stone dust to ¼" below top of pillar.
  • This will prevent the building from "settling" unevenly due to ground freezing/thawing cycles which can change the ground level over time.
  • We recommend these pillars be placed at the building corners and every 10 - 12 feet under the foundation, around the building's perimeter.
  • Area around the barn and under the overhang, should then be back filled with stone dust to pillar height

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Bob Kyle making sure the footer is level 



Concrete truck coming to pour the footers...


This is the left 10 x 40 section on the footers...



32 x 40 "High Profile" Horse Barn Completed with 12' Overhang



Hurricane Bracket

We would then use a ¼" steel hurricane bracket bolted to the concrete footer with concrete screws and lag bolted to the 6x6 that makes up the base of the building.

Anchoring your building will help stabilize it against side-to-side shifting or vertical lifting in the event of high winds.

Ultimately, it is your responsibility to check with all municipal agencies and obtain all necessary permits and inspections for contraction site preparation.